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Household incomes practically decreased across the board in 2009, according to a recently released publication on income statistics from the Singapore Department of Statistics.

The average monthly household income of all households decreased to $7,549 in 2009 from $7,752 in 2008.

The corresponding median income also decreased to $5,398 from $5,475.

If you split the households into 10 decile groups by income, only 1 group – the third-lowest group – had a small increase in average income.

So, how does your family stack up against the rest? Enter your monthly household income:

Is your ranking better than last year?

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  1. I entered 1 trillion and was told
    Your household income of $2,147,483,647
    is higher than 95.0%++ of all households.

    Who entered that number above? Ng Teng Fong? He is dead, isn’t he?

  2. From the forums comparing income and networth, I saw that many individuals here have income of > $200K per annum or close to that… so I entered $16K per month (average of 12 month) and it seems this income is higher than 88.8% of all households in Singapore.

    I guess this just means that this site is a congregation of many top 11% household earners in Singapore, doesn’t it? 🙂

  3. the high earners are making all the noise. the others prefer to remain quiet until they hit the higher levels, and then they’ll too start making noises. it’s the same phenomenon with everything else.

  4. Or the so-called high earners are liars. You guys are so naive. You really believe all you read on the internet? LOL!!

  5. dono what to do on

    Me thinks those with spare cash start to worry abt investment and portfolio and diversified investment…no money no worry ?

  6. I find it amusing that people from the low income group like first timer aka noiser think it’s logical for anyone to crap about income they don’t have. The internet is anonymous, is that news to u? hahahaha

    Boasting that you have a long penis online doesn’t do anything to the one saying it when he himself knows he has a short dick. If such people could exist, I’d strong recommend they seek therapy from a shrink. No one knows that for a fact.

    Smart people know that people actually downplay themselves on the net to prevent their identity from being found out as everyone’s supposed to be anons. The opposite of downplaying is crapping and exaggerating about yourself, but it only works to any form of positive effect if you’re doing it in real life where people can actually attach a face to the claims. The only exclusion to this is if claims were on a blog or forum where said person openly reveals his identity with photos, name, the whole works.

    My household income is more than $12k monthly without bonuses added. With bonuses our annual household income is about $200k and did I forget to mention we’re under 30?

    Eat your heart out, First Time aka Noiser.

  7. So, admin,
    what do you think of the BCG report that >10% of households in Singapore have more than SGD 1.4mio (excluding residence)??

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