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Want to know how your family’s combined income stack up against other families?

Use the following form to compare your monthly household income:

The above tool is based on info recently released by Singapore Department of Statistics.

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Reference: Key Household Income Trends, 2008, Singapore Department of Statistics


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  1. low cost- low tech: my idea of well paid means anything above 10k/mth. The companies mentioned might or might not be crap holes but they were quoted by the rest in earlier postings.

  2. wonder is right. I left a fortune 50 company to a GLC and pay is now doubled. Mainly because the bonus for GLC is good

  3. the white shoe firms pay well, but can you make it into one? if you can, you have the skills to be paid well regardless of where you are.

  4. MNC leaver is right, obviously lah duh.

    Anyone who’s worked up the ranks or are in the the top most profitable GLCs (which are ALL listed, of course this is one of the criteria of a GLC) knows beyond 3-4 years what i’m talking about.

    Like I said earlier, its far easier to get an offer from an “MNC” since they make up the overwhelming majority of employers among companies besides local start-ups. There should be at least hundreds if not thousands of them, thanks to EDB’s tireless efforts, compared to less than 40 large, listed, high-profile GLCs.

    That’s why you have such a skewed number, leaning towards MNC employees as voters in this poll. This poll alone is proof that what I said earlier about abundance of MNC employment.

    In fact, I highly doubt the veracity of the data entered by the ‘number’ of GLC voters here, other than the few genuine ones who spoke up, considering that there are people who actually think that govt stat boards = GLC (good grief)..I won’t be surprised therefore that there are staff of any two-bit local company, local start-up, local biggish SME with no govt association, staff of govt ministry, staff of stat board, that also thought their employer = GLC.

    I recommend admin to start a post just to re-educate the masses on the proper definitions of these various terms.

  5. And it’s correct. I’d say more than half, if not more like 70 to 80% of “MNC” or just foreign companies do not give bonuses, some don’t even give AWS. The ones that do, mentioned earlier would likely be in banking, consulting, oil, legal. Govt has not set up a platform to collate such data because hell would break loose and people would not work in certain places, and also they believe in letting the free market forces decide. I think some HR company should consider this. Would have very good hits!

    Even for legal i heard from lawyer friends that homegrown large firms like Drew & Napier and Allen & Gledhill give superior bonuses than foreign firms with smallish presence, small staff strength here..

    Basically three rules of thumb.

    1) The higher than staff strength at one place, the more the head is pressured to give good bonuses, benefits. There is not a single MNC that has the local-based staff strength that rivals those of large GLCs here. i think Keppel and ST have over 7 to 8k, and SIA about 12k? Cos they are local and based here.

    2) staff in the HQ of where a company is listed will ALWAYS get superior bonuses, benefits and have better prospects than staff elsewhere. this is why if you’re working for JPM, Merrill, aspire to work in the HQ in the US for career advancement. If you’re working for Fujitsu, aspire to work in Japan. This is the only way reach for the skies within that corporation. if not, you’ll always be in the (gasp!) backwater. Sure you can be given consolation and told that you’re ‘prized’ wherever you are, with titles like country manager or regional head. but of course you’ll always be lagging behind the corporate rats holding similar or identical title as you, by rank, but stationed in the HQ.

    When profit and loss is announced at wherever any company is listed, who makes the most noise and has the biggest muscle? Local based staff that form the mass or the diaspora of foreign (to the HQ masters) staff elsewhere in small numbers at each place?

    3)(This rings the truest) Everyone takes care of their own kind.

  6. White shoe firms refer to mostly financial and legal fortune 500 firms. It’s only 2 sectors. There are many other sectors that make up the workforce.

    That’s how I built my observation and that’s how it stands.

    There is definitely a huge difference in remuneration given to front-office staff of white shoe firms compared to regional banks like DBS or sinking European banks like RBS. Traders are paid a lot because they handle and make large sums of money for banks and oil companies. And the monies handled by white-shoe firms make those handled by local banks look like dopey dwarves. Operation staff in white-shoe firms I doubt are paid more than ops staff in lesser banks.

    White-shoe firms generally only hire top graduates from the elite Ivy League schools and schools of similar standing like Chicago, Oxbridge and MIT for front and middle office positions, and in the back office, the analyst position. Singaporeans who managed to get into white shoe firms in front and middle office, congrats. You are truly well paid.

    In Singapore, none of the American white-shoe legal firms set up shop or bothered to have big business here as local law scene has not opened up to foreign players much. Really doubt those firms can be bothered with our tiny market.

  7. Also, for the uninitiated (and there seem to be many here who are), not all local companies that are listed are regarded as GLC. There are a lot of local companies listed in the mainboard and in catalist, whose stocks have not gone beyond $0.50 in the last few years eg QianHu or sinking local listed companies like Yellow Pages whose stock price is a zombie. walking corpses of corporations that might as well be dead.

    Those are not GLCs by definition. Think blue-chips with govt affiliation or backing, with top (former) govt honchos in its top management like SIA, Capland, Ascendas, Keppel, Chartered, ST, Singtel. In fact just think blue-chip and you’re spot-on.

    ST Aerospace above average performers got 7-8 month bonus before 2009. I highly doubt any foreign MNC excluding finance, oil, consulting gave out such bonuses to Singapore staff ever, cos people take care of their own kind. LOL!

    Not everything give ang moh is good news.

    When David Lim, (a president’s scholar who had taken the CEO position after a career in the civil service), exited the CEO post of NOL, a former GLC, NOL then posted its record breaking profits. After that, and after a merger with an American company, and putting some ang moh at the helm, today it’s struggling with unprecedented debt of $2billion! LOL!

  8. dear wonder, it’s obvious you’re a glc fanboy. let’s grant your theory that people may confuse government service with glc, the results of the survey thus far still show that mnc beats all the rest hands down. even if glc really pays well, the fact that they’re run by ex-civil servants already puts people off. though i was never with any glc, i don’t think it’s too far fetched to claim glc operates a lot like government agencies in all aspects.

  9. To DSTA;

    i assume u are working in dsta, so can u tell me more abt the annual increment of an engineer in dsta.

    one of my friend fresh grad in 2007 (2nd lower honours) NTU had his starting pay $3280 in 2007.

    now after 2 years in dsta, he told me he is getting $4000.

    Is that true that the annual increment in DSTA that high? wow, pay incresae by abt $700 in 2 years???!?!?!? can u verified this??

    how abt the bonus from dsta (how many month of bonus dsta give >)

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