Benchmark Your Monthly Pay By Age & Gender 2009


We’ve updated our popular income comparison calculator.

The data points come from Ministry of Manpower’s Report on Labour Force in Singapore 2008 released early this year.

Take your annual income (including bonus) and divide by 12 to derive your “gross monthly income” when using this income benchmarking tool:

Last year’s version of the tool is here. See how much you’ve moved up (or down) in the ranking.

Reference: Statistical Table 39, Report on Labour Force in Singapore 2008, Ministry of Manpower (link)


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  2. seems like there is no difference between 10k/month or 1million/month for the 40-44 age group. it is still within the top 9.5% group. Is something wrong with the calculation or is the income gap so wide?

  3. “Comparing with all age groups, your gross monthly pay of $2,500 places you at the 51.8th percentile among both genders.
    You are in the top 48.2% of your cohort.”

    Good to know top 48.2% of my cohort can afford HDB flats. 🙂

  4. The age range of 15-24 is seriously ridiculous.

    You mean 15 years old are already working? Is that even legal?

    Most varsity fresh grads looking for job would be around 22-24 years of age. I would recommend that if they want to benchmark themselves to market, they should choose the 25 onwards category because that would give a more realistic result than comparing with underaged kids in the 15-24 category who would pull down the median for that group.

    Think about it. Most 15-18 years old who are out working would not have higher education (study up till primary 6 or at the most O levels) and thus would not be able to command high salaries. I would estimate their salary to be about SGD 1k/mth. Being at p90 or more in that category is really nothing to shout about.

    Just my two cents worth.

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  6. How come my percentage is different when I use “Compare Your Annual Income 2009”?
    Assuming I input 6166 here and 74000 there I should get more or less the same percentage no?

  7. Never mind I understand now.
    People who earn less than 20k are not taxed so the reason I’m getting higher percentage here is because it includes non taxable labour force in the calculation am I right?

  8. I’m only in top16, and my salary here is less than what a schoolteacher makes. I guess I’m a warning to anyone in R&D in Singapore–pay is lousy, working hours are long. Stick to Finance if you are smart!!!

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