Civil Servant Bonus 2023 Year End


All civil servants will be getting 0.6 months of bonus together with the usual 13th month bonus this year end, according to this CNA news report and PSD official news release. With 0.6 months of AVC bonus, plus 1 month of NPAA bonus, this is a total of 1.6 months of bonus this year end.

The Ministry of Trade and Industry has narrowed the GDP growth forecast of “0.5 per cent to 1.5 per cent” to “around 1.0 per cent” for 2023. The revised forecast takes into consideration the labour market outlook, subdued external demand for the rest of the year and continued downside risks arising from geopolitical tensions.

The “13th month” Non-Pensionable Annual Allowance (NPAA), previously known as AWS, will be paid in December.

Junior grade officers will get an additional one-time payment of S$400 and S$800 respectively for MX13(I)-14 and MX15-16/OSS. Together with the additional S$200 to S$400 they have received in mid-year bonuses, these junior civil servants will get an additional one-time sum of up to S$1,200 for whole of 2023.

If you include this year’s mid-year bonus of 0.3 month, all civil servants will be getting a total guaranteed bonus of 1.9 months for the entire 2023, excluding performance and other additional bonuses. (We understand that some civil servants can receive additionally up to 2-3 months of performance bonus, typically awarded in March. This means some civil servants may get up to 4.9 months of bonuses in total. Check out this Forums discussion thread.)

This year’s total bonus (excluding performance bonus) is 0.55 months less than last year’s AVC + NPAA, which in turn was 0.15 month more than 2021’s total bonus of 2.3 months.


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