Professional Call Solutions: Virtual Answering Services & Their Role in Modern Business


With the advent of telephones as a form of communication, the world has changed drastically over the past several decades. When voicemail services were created, it opened up a new way to send people messages without actually talking to them in real time. Many companies have adapted to the use of automatic answering machines so that employees can take lunch breaks or the company can still receive calls on the weekend. The newest form of interaction between modern businesses and customers is virtual answering services. Read below to find out how virtual answering services can seamlessly integrate into any modern business.   

What Is A Virtual Answering Service?

A virtual answering service is an automated system that uses modern technology to act as a substitute for talking with a real person. This is a service that has helped countless businesses cut costs and aid in everyday operations. Basically, a virtual answering service uses a robotic or virtual voice that can respond to voice prompts of customers and answer questions about the business without the business having to use a real person. 

Businesses can implement this service in order to streamline customer service actions and allow customers to resolve issues at any time of day, even after opening hours. With the help of artificial intelligence, virtual answering services provide many different ways to bring help to customers.   

Different Answering Services Options

Because virtual answering services use artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms to operate, there are many different ways in which a company can use them. 

24/7 Support

By implementing an automatic answering service, businesses can continue operations at all times of day. This is especially helpful for businesses that cater to international customers as well as domestic ones. If you run a business that works with people in all time zones but does not have the capacity to have staff working 24 hours a day, then this is the perfect solution. It not only saves employees from being overworked but also can save businesses a lot of money by not having to have overnight or outsourced staff.  

Live Virtual Receptionist

This option is the perfect solution for businesses that are seasonal because different times of the year bring different needs. By integrating a seasonal operation live virtual receptionist, businesses can have a yearlong system that does not require the usual cycle of hiring and laying off that often happens with seasonal work. A live virtual assistant helps with sales and bookings during the busy season, reducing the need for more staff. 

Additionally, during the off-season, your company will still never miss a beat even if you have a bare-bones staff because a virtual receptionist will always be available for customers who call in with questions. 

Automatic Call Routing

One of the best ways to streamline the customer experience is by installing a virtual answering service that can determine what each individual customer needs and can use different algorithms to direct calls to the right departments. This saves time for both the customer and the business because the customer can give voice prompts to a machine and the machine can either solve the problem for them or direct them to a live person. 

Automatic call routing reduces the need for extra staff and ensures that customers get what they need quickly and efficiently. This saves businesses money and prevents many complaints that come when customers have to wait for a long time on the phone. This service virtually erases wait time because the virtual assistant is always available. 

Benefits of Switching to a Virtual Answering Service

Switching from just a regular voicemail service to a virtual answering service has many benefits from saving time to expanding customer service. Here are some key benefits:

Customer Satisfaction

More calls answered means more customers getting their questions answered and at the end of the day, customers don’t care if they are talking to a robot or a real person as long as they are getting their problems resolved.

Long-Term Business Survival

Any business that wants to continue to grow and change with the times has to be able to adapt to new technology and use it to its benefit. By integrating these virtual answering systems into daily operations, businesses can keep up with demand and continue to grow.


The ways in which modern technology has transformed the way that we do business are infinite and tools like virtual answering services are among the best additions to modern companies. With any business, there will always be customer service needs and a lot of those needs are met over the phone. By adding a virtual answering service to your business, you will see a lot of improvement in customer satisfaction.



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