Civil Service Bonus end-2010


The Public Service Division has announced that civil servants will get a total of 2 months bonus this year end, with 1 month for the Annual Variable Component (AVC) and another 1 month for the Non-Pensionable Annual Allowance (NPAA), also known as the 13th month payment.

This year-end bonus is on top of the 0.5 month + $300 cash bonus they have already received in mid-2010.

Further, good performers will also receive a Special Variable Payment (SVP) of “up to 1.6 months” in March 2011.

Other interesting bits from the PSD news release:

  • Administrative Officers in Staff Grade I (MR4), whose pay is pegged to two-thirds of the salary of the median earner among 48 top earners in Singapore (top 8 earners from 6 professions), will each be getting a total of $1,583,900 for 2010.
  • Administrative Officers in the entry Superscale grade (SR9), whose  pay is similarly pegged, but to the 32-year-old top earners, will each get a total of $365,000 for 2010.


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