The Best Term Insurance for Male Citizens


If you are a male citizen who has served NS (or is still serving), the SAF Group Term Life Insurance by Aviva is perhaps the cheapest term insurance you can get.

Term insurance is also known as “pure protection” insurance. It does not include any investment component, unlike ILPs and other investment-linked life policies. The term premiums you pay will go toward insuring against the unfortunate events.

However, insurers and agents are very reluctant in selling term insurance. The main reason is that they make much less money selling term policies. It’s also the reason why most people are unaware of term insurance.

To know more about the benefits of term insurance, see past articles on avoiding investment-linked policies and insurance experts themselves don’t buy life policies.

Tan Kian Lian mentioned in his blog a benchmark for comparing term premiums: $541 (a year) for a male aged 30 insuring $200,000 for 20 years. If you use this benchmark, you will find the SAF Group Term Life Insurance extremely attractive.

Based on a comment left at Tan’s blog: Aviva charges only $12/mth for an insured amount of $100k!


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