Benchmark Your Monthly Pay By Age & Gender 2010


Once every year, we update this income comparison tool, which is one of’s most popular income comparison calculators.

As always, the data points for this come from Ministry of Manpower’s Report on Labour Force in Singapore 2009 released earlier this year.

To compare your “gross monthly income”, divide your total income (including bonus) by 12 and enter it below:

Compare your ranking with the 2009 version of this tool. If your income remained the same, you would most likely move up a little in your ranking, because:

“… the median income for all employed residents dipped by 1.2% from $2,450 in 2008 to $2,420 in 2009 …”

Reference: Statistical Table 42, Report on Labour Force in Singapore 2009, Ministry of Manpower (link)


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  1. the median income dipped, but why are prices going up? hdb, condo, coe, cars, even coffee and chicken rice are all more expensive.

  2. I think the stats is quite outdated. The report is actually released on 1 February 2010 for the year 2009 which affected by economy crisis.

    That’s why “prices going up? hdb, condo, coe, cars, even coffee and chicken rice are all more expensive.” now.

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  4. there is a survival bias for people above a certain age group, say above 40. people who can remain gainfully employed above that age, tend to be high fliers or senior management. those who lose their jobs will not be captured in the report. you are comparing amongst people from a smaller sample size who are high income earners. Still, it is better than nothing.

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  6. The statistics are meaningless. The more important consideration is the household size.

    A person who earns $10,000 a month who must support 4 dependents is worst off than a person who earns $3000 per month but no dependent.

  7. of course it’s meaningless. it’s just as meaningless as comparing school results. a B3 student who has to work part-time to support his poor family and only has time to self-study late at night arguably has a better result than an A1 student who has multiple servants and private tutors.

    but still, we have the school system and grades are construed as an objective measure of academic achievement regardless of backgrounds.

    in same vein, a comparison tool like the above gives some measure for someone to benchmark his income.

    do you have a meaningful way of comparing income? if not, your comment is just as meaningless as what you think you are commenting on.

    from your link, i can see you are trying to link-bait clueless people to your very “meaningful” “financial planning” site. how meaningful are your articles there? as you are obviously a “professional” financial planner, i’m sure your articles there are as biased as your meaningless comment here.

  8. Some financial planners are over eager to sound intelligent when all they can blurb out is half baked nonsense. Why don’t you just admit that your job is to exploit the uninformed and make them buy things they don’t need so you can earn fat commissions?

  9. That guy Wilfred Ling is just talking out of his ass. There are lots of people like this, who try to discredit stats and reputation and stuff, claiming that it’s not meaningful.

    These people are likely to not have been educated at a tertiary level.

    Everyone knows that statistics are meaningful when all other factors are equal. How is any statistic gonna break down the number of child each person has? What it does is give you a very clear and defined idea of where you stand against your peers of the same gender and age group.

    That post from him is lame.

  10. useless comment on

    Some guy out there out of the gazillion men sampled could have no kids but has a sick mother, another could have a drinking habit, and another guy could have a fetish for expensive Swiss watches. His comment is completely useless.

  11. lol wilfred ling is a genius. he got agent to click on his link and created so much more comments and interest in that ling by saying just one paragraph of stuff which totally does not ask u to visit his link.


  12. Within the “25 – 29” age group, gross monthly pay of $1,750 places you at the 23.2th percentile among both genders. You are in the bottom 23.2% of your cohort.

    Sad… Is all Diploma levels got this salary??? Planning to get house and babies but I think I still have to save ALOT for that, and it will takes time for it… Maybe another 10 years……. STRESS SINGAPOREAN HERE

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