Benchmark Your Monthly Pay By Age & Gender 2011


Our very popular income comparison calculator has been updated with the latest data from Ministry of Manpower’s Report on Labour Force in Singapore 2010 (released in 2011).

This simple tool lets you compare your gross monthly income against other Singapore residents in your age group and gender group. You may also compare with all age groups and/or both gender groups.

As defined in the MOM report, gross monthly income includes “wages or salaries, allowances, overtime, commission, tips and bonuses” and also the employee’s CPF contribution (but not employer’s).

Without further ado, simply divide your total gross annual income (including bonus) by 12 and enter the result below to start comparing:

Compare your percentile ranking with the 2010 version of this tool. If your income remained the same, you would most likely be worse off, because everyone else’s income has generally gone up:

“The median monthly income from work of residents in full-time employment rose by 4.2% over the year to $2,710 in 2010, faster than the marginal growth of 0.5% in 2009.  Even after adjusting for the higher inflation in 2010, the median income rose by 1.3%, recovering from a slight dip of 0.1% in 2009.” (Report on Labour Force in Singapore 2010)

Reference: Statistical Table 41, Report on Labour Force in Singapore 2010, Ministry of Manpower (link).


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  1. it seems to me the most competitive group is the male 35-39 age group:

    Within the “35 – 39” age group, your gross monthly pay of $5,000
    places you at the 60.2th percentile among males.
    You are in the top 39.8% of your cohort.

    i’m ranked higher in other groups…

  2. I’m in the “top 10%” of my cohort, but I don’t feel like one. Can’t even comfortably afford a small car and a 5-room HDB flat. Something is wrong.

  3. @unsatisfied

    I think its how our value & belief systems have been moulded by SG’s ‘meritocratic’ society and our ‘national’ philosophy for the past couple decades.

    Case in point, a friend says to me: as a director of a company how can you not own a car, image mah

    In SG tt’s the superficiality u need contend with, and since majority of the society is wired tt way, uphill task fighting perceptions

    In the end u learn to value the superficial n spend what u dun need to

  4. Thanks to our government on

    Be grateful for what our most competent & highly paid government has been doing.

    every time, recession comes, when the bubble bursts, our government has been able to pinpoint that singaporeans are over priced & are wasting precious resources, investing in underproductive assets eg housing , & cut singaporeans’ pay & cpf. Then the cycle repeats again.

    Dont singaporeans ever learn ? See if you dont believe history will repeat itself ?

  5. @all

    I guess it is all about trade-offs.

    WE have to decide as a nation, where we want the balance point to be.

    It is tempting, when you are running the show, to propagate what you honestly BELIEVE is ‘best’. I know.

    The current mindset has become ‘socialised’ through the passage of 3 decades, it will probably take another 3 for it to transform… but first WE have to decide where we really want to head.

    I have had some bad experiences with the new generation of Singaporean employees so I am not particularly optimistic 🙁

  6. i was receiving $1500 a decade ago. 10 years later after joining another firm , im offered the dame pay.
    everything has risen, transport, housing, medical etc but not salary.

    How to live a decent living.

  7. Hi, I got an offer in SG for network engineer. I have around 8 years of experience in this area. My salary they have offered is SG4000. I feel its less.Kindly advice. Incase if I accept the offer, how is the annual appraisal done how much I can expect in salary hike. Currently offer is on Contract basis.

  8. Don't bother... on

    That is very low! Don’t bother unless you are willing to share a flat with other people and live like a student. Renting a flat by yourself will set you back S$2000

  9. Hi there,

    What’s the salary range for part time admin assistants in banks (local & foreign), working 5 hours daily?

  10. Ten years ago our salaries weren’t as high as they are today, yet you don’t hear many people complaining about the high costs of living, e.g. food, transport, housing. People in general were at least able to afford the basic necessities.

    Now more and more people are complaining, despite the higher salaries. Just look at the current prices, esp. housing.

    Measuring income is just one side of the story..

  11. hi all of u .. the salary bullshit… where got so high 10k and above per month…

    what i see is roughly 5k per month at most for managers and executive.

    GM and above is 10K at most… all of you bullshit

  12. Hello. I was offered a job as clinical associate in a private hospital in SG. The monthly salary was SG$3,400 and a housing allowance of SG$850. Do you think this offer is too low for a medical professional with 7 years working experience?

  13. credit analyst on

    I got an offer as senior credit analyst in foreign bank covering ASEAN market with offered salary of s$15,000. What do you think guys?

  14. Engineer Extraordinaire on

    Top .3% of my cohorts. STEM degrees FTW…until I turn 25 that is. I’m only in the top 7% then.

  15. i m in top 4.3%…… but still not afford to have a car…..even without car…..rarely save 2k a month although rarely spend money for clubbing party n high end stuffs…..utality cost 4R Hdb makan…etc end up 5 to 6k…..1k tax for income n others….too tight

  16. Am senior creative and in top 11%. I’m able to cover most of my mortgage payments with cpf and don’t want a car. Per month I am able to save $6k.

  17. Sorry. there is typo err in my pervious post.

    I m a snr engineer in top 8%. I m able to cover my 4 rooms HDB flat.
    I don’t use credicard & don’t buy car/shopping/iphone/drink/gambling and I only use for what I need. I go a short trip every 4 to 6 weeks (Not expensive trip). I can save $7.5k per month regularly.

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