Still looking for a Job after Graduation? Consider doing an Internship or Part Time Job instead!


Today Singapore reports that job finding for fresh graduates will be a challenging journey, especially with the current difficult economy. Clearly, battling in the job market arena is no easy fight when you have to compete with a large pool of fellow Singaporean graduates and foreign talents, looking to win the trophy of your ideal job.

However, fret not. The 21st century is anything but a lack of opportunities. It seems many fresh graduates have turned to 3 month, some even 6 month long Singapore internships or part time jobs before moving on to full-time jobs. This is contrary to established wisdom to lower one’s expectations and to grab the first available graduate job that comes your way especially in a bad job market.

Nonetheless, there are clear benefits why you should consider an internship as a fresh graduate. Here are five pretty good reasons:-

1. It’ll put what you learnt in your books to real life action

What’s better then to live the action over reading plain text. Internships will allow you to experience the industry you want to go into and give you valuable exposure that could possibly last a life time.

2. It will give your CV the additional “oomph” factor

It’s your first point of contact with your ideal employer. Allow yourself to shine even more and show them that your experience is nothing ordinary!

3. It will build your network

We revolve around the world of people. As you grow and work, your own networks will look to expand, providing you more perspectives and perhaps more opportunities.

4. It will help you financially in the interim period

Not settling until you land your preferred graduate role could take its financial toll on you and your family. Whilst still an allowance, every dollar counts and the hundreds you earn each month from your internship or part time job will help ease the strain.

And the best part?

5. It can lead you to your full-time job!

Doing an internship is all about getting the exposure. Use this chance to shine with the company you’re working with! They may just offer you a fulltime position.

One’s career is a lifelong discovery and journey. If you are not in a rush to start your first permanent position upon graduation, take time to understand yourself and discover what sort of role, industry and company suits you best. Without a doubt, it is a beautiful thing when your career and your passion comes together.


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