6 Reasons You Don’t Need a Degree to Be Successful


Most of us have been told since childhood that education is the most important asset to have in order to make it in life and become successful. Well that’s a half truth and a half myth. But do you also know that approximately over 30% off billionaires don’t have a university degree, among who are Steve Jobs and Oprah Winfrey?

Living large isn’t only a luxury of the privileged ones who have a university degree. Anyone can be successful sans the university degree from any local university or overseas . Save that tens of thousands of your tuition for other reasons like an investment or capital for a startup. There’s just so many reasons not to pursue your degree. And here’s why!

Need degree to succeed?

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1. Landing yourself experience is key

Experience is more important than anything. And knowledge and experience are a killer combo. Through experience, you can gradually gain the necessary knowledge, but through studying you’re don’t really gain the first-hand experience.

If you’re just fresh out of university and reading this, you’ve probably been experienced a turned down job application (or a few) simply because they are looking for someone with experience. Which is illogical since you spent most of your youth studying so you can work in a specific field.

However, if you already have experience in a particular field, and you’re very good at what you do, nothing can stop you, because you’re already one step ahead of everyone else who’s just got the book smarts.

2. Employers look for prospect and deliverables

While pursuing further education can broaden your knowledge as well as fine tune it, it can’t instil certain skills and elements confidence and deliverables, to make employers want to hire you. How do you achieve that? Land yourself as many relevant internships during your stint in school, to acquire as much experience and evidence of your earlier successes in the job. Through working in SMEs or small startups during your internship, it hones your confidence and refines your existing talent. Sometimes, employers just go for their gut feel on top of your past achievements. Your confidence plays a big part.

3. Great communication takes you places

It’s more than obvious that specific professions, like medicine and law, a university degree is necessary. But for certain careers, all you need is a great set of skills. You can see people discussing communication skills online. You can hear people communicate about communicating. And it’s all because it’s a great business skill to have.

Some people are naturals when it comes to efficient communication, networking and forming relationships. You don’t have to have a glib tongue to get work done because that probably may tantamount to cheating somehow. Then there are others who have to practice a little bit harder to get the kind of skills that are necessary for efficient business communication. But the truth is, if you’re a great communicator and you know how to sell your ideas, you don’t need a degree.


4. Work your network and you’ll survive in the industry

Networking can be a major influence on your overall business success, especially if you start early. Meeting new people, circulating throughout different industries will not only enable you to gain experience and gain valuable knowledge, but also make great contacts and relations that will help your business thrive.

5. You already have entrepreneurial plans

This is something you’re either born with or you have a miraculous awakening during your lifetime. If you’ve been itching to be your own boss since young, you really don’t need a degree because you know your capabilities and no one’s questioning your lack of education. Your shareholders and employees judge you based on your leadership skills and management style and not whether you have a pHD or a Master’s Degree from the top local university. Whether you want to run a hipster cafe or a French restaurant or even a flower delivery startup, there are no specifics. You run the show. Because will and determination (and some capital) can get you far, no matter what the road looks like, you don’t have to worry about the degree you missed out on.

6. You are an Innovator Extraordinaire

Every business, requires a certain dose of creativity, even if it’s not about art at all. As an entrepreneur in the making, you need to be able to innovate, come up with fresh ideas, and use your imagination to break the mold and break into the industry. If you have the knack for innovation, then you should definitely take pride in being an owner of an asset so crucial for business success. If you love to create, brake and experiment, you can prototype ideas into reality for show during your interview. A degree is no proof of your skills in innovation or creativity.

You must be thinking now, is education even worth it? And the answer is quite simple: of course, it is. The decision to pursue a university degree is a unique opportunity to gain specialized knowledge and with a lot of passion and motivation, you can use it as fuel to launch your business. But at the same time, don’t despair if you don’t have a piece of paper that enables you to create a successful career, because it has been proven that it’s not a must in today’s society.


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