4 Philosophies That Every IT Company Needs in 2016 for Success


There are always new communication tools that can be a better fit for certain industries than others.

When it comes to IT, the two key factors for how you pick your tools are collaborative potential and ease of access. The first helps smooth out workflow, make projects run more easily, and enhances communication. The second aspect has to do with deploying a new communication method over a wide range of staff and geography.

One of the premier tools in the industry today is video conferencing, a type of interaction that used to be relegated to large, dedicated conference rooms and expensive equipment. However, with today’s system interoperability, limitless device compatibility, and scalable rates, both large and small businesses have adopted this technology into everyday business dealings.

Not only that, but it also fits into four key philosophies that every IT company in Singapore should be looking at in 2016. Here are some current tips and trends to take into consideration as you go forward with your business growth this year.

1. How and Why Video Conferencing Is Changing Everything

When you hear the term, it might conjure up mental images of outdated ways of hosting meetings and clunky equipment. However, when you’re using today’s Blue Jeans video conferencing solutions for IT, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The bottom line is that you can’t replace face-to-face interaction completely, as it has a positive impact on client and colleague relationships alike on countless levels.

However, that also doesn’t mean that you have to spend the time and money to bring everyone together in person. Holding video meetings using an online conferencing system that allows people from all over the globe to join in using their personal mobile device means that meetings can take place instantaneously. There are no travel costs, no dedicated equipment, and no bulky conference room to get used to.

One reason why doing business via a screen has become so popular is due to the fact that the technology is not only easy and affordable, but it also retains that face to face element. This puts your business above all the rest, whether you’re discussing operations with your in-house team, or discussing different computing solutions with clients.

2. Current Economic Trends

While there are industries that are waning in an uncertain economy, others are gaining speed, and that includes IT.

According to the Singapore Business Review, this year the Singaporean government is looking to invest S$2.82 billion on IT infrastructure in the country, fostering contracts with companies that will strengthen the delivery of services and analytics.

That means that it’s time to move forward with any strategic plans that you have as an IT company to improve your communication systems, and video conferencing can be an invaluable addition. If you’re going to attempt to expand and take on additional work while these new contracts are opening up, you need to put yourself ahead of the crowd and be ready to deal with new clients as efficiently and professionally as possible. When the other guy is still sitting around waiting for an email response, you could be on screen already, sealing the deal for a new client contract in a matter of hours. Not only does video speed up communication, but it can also contribute to how trustworthy you appear.

3. What the Experts Say About Planning

The Business Times reports that leaders in the business world assert that having a sound business model is more important than innovation. No one will deny that creativity in the workplace is important, especially in the technology sector. However, when it comes to smoothly rolling out the type of results that new clients expect, you need to pay more attention to establishing a solid workflow and communication strategy than focus too much on coming up with new ideas. The old adage goes: if it isn’t broken, then don’t fix it. That couldn’t be more true than in the current business climate in Singapore. In 2016, you’ll want to play it safe and steady. Take advantage of some of the upcoming contracts by firming up the systems you already have in place and improving them. Revise your business plan and make it stronger. Basically, don’t expend more energy reinventing the wheel than you need to.

When it comes to being in the IT sector, in order to be a leader, your company needs to also utilize the leading technology on the market. Using advanced services that assist workflow is especially important today, given the rapid pace that most clients operate on and the level of results they expect. It can be a tough job trying to manage multiple projects with multiple teams of people, but if you really want your IT company to grow and keep up with the times, keeping up to date with what’s considered best practice in communication methods in your field is essential. Video conferencing is one of the best tools in which you can invest, especially as Singapore moves forward with IT as a bright spot on the economic horizon.


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