Our Poll Results: 64% Singaporeans “Hit” by Recession


In an online poll conducted here, 64% of participants indicated they know someone who’s lost a job.

64% Singaporeans Affected by Job Cuts

Close to 500 readers participated in the survey.

Conducted over half a month, this poll is done in the same spirit as a BBC Poll we discussed previously.

And our poll results are very similar to the UK one.

Since BBC is saying their job cuts affect 2 in 3, we can also say two-thirds of Singaporeans are affected by jobs cuts.

Sounds bad?

However, it seems the stock market and property situation here in Singapore is vastly different from that in UK.

It’s euphoria here.


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  1. “64% of participants know someone who’s lost a job” does not mean “64% of Singaporeans lost a job”.

    The title is misleading on at least two counts – “64%” and “Singaporeans”.

  2. The markets are in recovery mode. It may seem euphoric, but it’s just the way it is. Cycles are now compressed and the ascent and descent of markets are steeper than previously. The stock market may even go through some cycles before that actual economy fully peaks. I call it cycles, but others may call it bear rallies. It’s how you time your investments in these cycles or rallies that differentiate you from the rest.

  3. Maybe 64% all know the same person. Then the number may be much lesser? 1% percent?
    Where got recession? Look at the queues lining up to buy condos. Newspaper reported that condos sold out on first day launch.
    Capital Land says there is no bubble.
    Marboro Tan says everything is ok yet but buy at own risk.

  4. Agree. That’s why my extended family, my friends, my distant cousins, my dog and I are all betting heavily in stocks and property. Losers keep blogging about “economic fundamentals” while champions like us are already making lots of money. Losers keep talking, winners keep winning.

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