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Check your credit history

June 3rd, 2007


Banks have access to your credit payment history. They use the information to assess your creditworthiness – whether you are able to repay your loans or clear your monthly card balance.

You can also obtain your own report electronically, as reported in Sunday Times today.

First, a quick note on the Credit Bureau Singapore (CBS). It maintains credit data (credit payment records) of bank customers in Singapore. Such data is submitted by participating financial institutions to the CBS, which include all the major retail banks here – ABN AMRO, American Express, Bank of China, CitiBank, DBS, HSBC, MayBank, OCBC, RHB Bank, Standard Chartered, and UOB.

And these participating banks can request for your credit data from CBS.

You, too, can obtain your own credit report. It costs you $5 + GST. Here’s how:

  1. Go to this page in CBS’ website.
  2. Click on the “Click here!” button on that page.
  3. You will be directed to the SingPass login page. (If you do not yet have a SingPass, you can make an online request for it. With SingPass, you can access CPF and IRAS information electronically, among others.)
  4. Login with your SingPass ID and password.
  5. Fill up your personal details. Include an email address if you wish to receive a copy of your credit report via email as well.
  6. Click on the “I Agree” radio button and click “Submit”.
  7. Follow on-screen instructions to pay the fee via eNets. (Currently, you can only pay by credit card.)

After your report is displayed on page, you can choose to print it or save it (in PDF format). If you have given an email address earlier, a PDF copy will also be sent to that email address.

There is also a link directing you to a PDF page on “Understanding your credit report”. Make sure you save a copy of this as well.

Information on your credit report includes:

  • Account status history. This shows all the credit card and loan accounts that you have, along with a rolling 12-month status history. To understand the codes used in the history, refer to the “Understanding your credit report” document. For example, the code “A” indicates that your payment for that month was ok (up to 29 days past due).
  • Previous enquiries. This section tells you who else have obtained your credit report. These are typically banks which have dealings with you.
  • Default payments. If you have defaulted on any payment (i.e. you have not paid up), it will be recorded here for 6 years.
  • Bankruptcy proceedings. All public bankruptcy records, if any, will be displayed here, until 6 years from the date of bankruptcy discharge.

If you have maintained good credit history (paid up everything on time), you have nothing to worry about.

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60 Responses to “Check your credit history”

  1. John Says:

    What if the participating Bank provided wrong info. And as a result your credit card/loan application is rejected due to wrong Info.

    What can I do.

  2. admin Says:

    John, from what I read in the FAQ (URL below), you can “dispute any information that you feel is inaccurate”. Maybe you can call up the credit bureau at 6565 6363 and ask.

  3. John Says:

    Good Morning, I have done that and CBS have ammended. However in the process I have been turned down by 10 banks so far for credit cards and loan applications.
    Secondly, there is also record on How many aplications vs approved. Therefore mine has 14 applications but 4 approved. This goes to show that Banks dont want to approve.
    I also found out that There are many who are unaware of their credit status. Thus if you are unsucessful with an application. It could be the CBS report. “Wrong Data uploaded”
    Can I seek damages from the Bank for damaging my credit reputation?

  4. admin Says:

    John, I’m afraid I’m unable to advise on that.

  5. Max Says:

    Hi, I’ve a record in the report but amount was fully paid in Apr 2007. Does it means that it will remain there for a period of 3 yrs ? I’ve read through the FAQ but could not apprehend what they meant. PLs advise.

    Thank you.

  6. Irene June Says:

    does it mean that anyone who knows your singpass or identity card number will be able to run a credit report?

  7. woo tuck chee Says:

    For $5 plus GST…….pretty expensive. Should be FOC

  8. rob Says:

    do they check your credit rating in the UK when you apply for a loan in Singapore?

  9. don't think so Says:

    the credit bureaus here deal only with local institutions. there’s no way for them to know your credit history elsewhere. you’re safe. :)

  10. concerned Says:

    I used to lived in Singapore and am thinking of returning. I want to check my credit report, but no longer have a perm pass ro employment pass in order to apply for a singpass account. Is there any other way to check my credit history?

  11. Need to know Says:


    I need to know, i’m a discharged bankrupt. Everytime I applied for credits from banks been turn down. I checked my credit report from CBS, there is a comments saying i’m a discharged bankrupt. Well i think this is the reason for the rejections.

    I need to know do I really have to wait for 6 years before the column been deleted, or is there any other ways which i can do to clear this comments from my record?

  12. Kevin Says:

    Hi, I defaulted on a credit card with Citibank way bank in 1996 when I was young and stupid…will this be on my record? thanks for any advice. As i am now back in Singapore and was thinking of applying for a card with Citibank. Obviously Citibank might have the record of my bad credit…or do they also delete old info? Thanks in advance.


  13. indefinite Says:

    if there was a credit bureau then, your bad record would remain there indefinitely:

    “As for default records with the status of Outstanding and Partial Payment, it will remain indefinitely on your credit file.”

    HOWEVER, the credit bureau didn’t exist back then, so i don’t think your record will be there. not sure about citibank, but i have a feeling your record won’t be there too, cos it’s been so long (MAS only requires documents to be kept for 6-7 years as far as i know).

    but why do you have to use citibank? there are so many excellent banks in singapore. :)

  14. Kevin Says:

    Thanks for your reply indefinite: very helpful info.

    I suppose you are right, there are many banks here, but I figured the most expat friendly are citibank. But DBS seem to also be the same. cheers

  15. Blurr Says:

    I have something to ask. I have an outstanding of 14k from OCBC back in 2002. I didn’t pay a single cent until 2010 when I receive an outstanding payment of 84k. So many lawyer letters came to seek for a minimal payment in which i didn’t pay too. My fren told me to ignore as cases which is more than 7 years will be deemed as bad debts from the bank. Is this true? Should I pay or just ignore it as if I didn’t owe them anything? I waited for them to charge me in court for bankruptcy but still till now..nothing came along. What should I do?

  16. Murali Says:

    I have been in singapore for past 3 years as of now i have only credit card but i have never used it. Recently when i apply easy credit facility in OCBC my application was unsucessful. The same thing was happened with CIMB bank also. Banks are not disclosing the reasons for unsuccessful. I dont have any bad debts and my salary is also in a higher side. Can any one tell me what would be the general reason for unsucessful.

  17. local Says:

    maybe because you are a foreigner? they probably calculated that the risk of a foreigner defaulting is higher than a local, and rejected you on that basis, not to mention that you have been here for just 3 years. to assure them of your creditworthiness, you should open an account with them and deposit a million dollars.

  18. creditnuts Says:

    hi all. i am in the same boat as some here. i used to have ba credits in the past but i have settled all except one which i overlooked. it is with dbs of amount $2k with interest. i only recalled this when my application with another bank for credot card was turned down. in my CBs report it mentioned DBS – Default. i am going to call DBS for clarifications and will pay off all to clear it. the default status was loaded in 2005. now i need to apply for a housing/mortgage loan but i first need to clear off that Default report on my CBS report. How can i go about doing that? does talking to DBS help? and whats the chances of me getting a loan approvrd after having all cleared if ever it will be cleared from default status? tha ks for all your advice!

  19. priya Says:

    Hi, I have an outstanding on my singtel number which I used 5yrs back in Singapore, I came back to India. Now I am again planning to apply for a visa and pay for the outstanding once I am thr. But will this payment default result in my visa rejection?

  20. ROS Says:

    Hi All,

    I used to have a Diners Club and Citibank credit cards in 2006 till 2007 when I was in Singapore. There was one outstanding payment with Diners and Citi each which accumulated to SGD420 (Diners) and SG 419 (Citi) for 2 years while I was away from Singapore. This was a complete oversight from my side. On my return after 2 yrs in 2009, I made a full payment for both the cards by proactively contacting them. I have also obtained no dues certificate from both.

    However, all my recent applications to credit cards from all banks have failed. On obtaining a Credit Report, it says no defaults, no bankruptcy and gives a positive comment that “No adverse comments found on the subject”. Still am unable to obtain a credit card. Please advise on my case. Thank you.

  21. ROS Says:

    ..also I am on an employment pass working for an Investment Bank in singapore on a high salary bracket from April 2009 till date (Feb 2011). Please advise.

  22. InDeepSht Says:

    can a foreigner on employment pass apply for bankruptcy in Singapore due to unsettled credit card bills,tax,hp bills and unsecurepersonal loans?

  23. Changi prison Says:

    Yes you can but they confiscate your passport so you can’t leave the country until your debt is paid. Fleeing the country also is no use because they will contact your embassy to track you… Next you use your passport you will be stopped at the airport and arrested. Pay up is the best solution.

  24. not lawyer Says:

    I think you have the legal right to leave the country as you did not commit any crime. When your creditors contact you, you then have to try your legal best to assist them.

    Check with your lawyer.

  25. Donnie Says:

    Need help/advise

    Recently i have tried many banks in singapore for credit cards & Personal loan but they were all rejected and disapprove without a reason make known to me as they claim they were unable to review to me.

    I have no bad debts with any banks or credit card. i working about 2yrs 6 mths in my company and hit a annual income of $30,000 ++. i had only perviously had a bank loan with POSB which i had also cleared earlier than my contact period, which leaves a CBS report credit rating of ABAABABA. How can i get my loan approve, as i am so stress needed the money for my newborn baby.

  26. Real Says:

    Get your personal CBS credit rating report and submit it with your application. Do you have a big mortgage? This is also taken into consideration especially at your income level…

  27. Tina Says:

    Hi. I have 3 credit cards almost 80%full, i have 3term loans, i sometimes pay late, now i need to apply for personal loan as intending to buy flat. Will my credit history affect my loan? I have about 3mos before i need the ‘big’ loan… Will paying dutifully increase my luck in getting my loan approved! Aporeciate your comments as im nearly going crazy figuring this out :(

  28. Tina Says:

    Another thing, is it advisable if i check my credit score or will this pose alarm bells to the banks i wish to apply loan with?

  29. nick Says:


    i am a foreigner working in singapore under ep. i have credit card loan+term loan around 150k..can a foreigner declare bankruptcy in singapore and leave the country.

    appreciate it as i leave ob and employment pass is not valid i wont be able to live in singapore also!

  30. nick Says:


    i am a foreigner working in singapore under ep. i have credit card loan+term loan around 150k..can a foreigner declare bankruptcy in singapore and leave the country.

    appreciate it as i leave ob and employment pass is not valid i wont be able to live in singapore also!


  31. Real Says:

    No Singapore has special laws to prevent FTs from robbing the system… They will confiscate your passport so you can’t leave the country.

  32. Collector Says:

    If you leave without settling your debts, the financial authorities will put out an Interpol warrant for you. This flags you the next time you cross a border and the customs wil arrest you…
    Better pay up!

  33. stan Says:

    I have the same experience and I think it’s really unfair and unjust to input negative ratings for a person without informing the person and making sure that such rating will be erase /adjusted to reflect the situation/debt has been paid off.

    I paid my dues, I owe no banks any outstanding money but my credit rating has taken a beating but some irresponsible people and I just recently found out.!

    I’m addressing this issue on REACH Govt website

    Singaporean/Foreigners/PR have your say here

  34. help Says:

    •Default payments. If you have defaulted on any payment (i.e. you have not paid up), it will be recorded here for 6 years.

    like to check for above statement, does that mean that after 6 years the record will be erase even if no payment is made or you need to make payment?

  35. Real Says:

    It should be read as “at least six years”. After six years they will keep some sort of record of default payment especially if the bank never got their money.

  36. Az Says:

    I have been trying to apply several credit cards and all application been rejected. I have recently been discharged and DBS bank still have not updated the record in the the credit bureau report. I have no credit cards, no default and no bankcrupty but why is it so difficult for the bank to approve my application. This is frustrating and its not fair for the bank to reject application as how do they know that now we are stable and are able to own credit card. Please help.

  37. sivalingom Says:

    I have submitted online application for credit bureau report today .may i know when i will get the report ,then how i will get

  38. BeSt Of LuCK Says:

    I think All banks and Government will have to keep uo the trend by helping or giving people anothers chance to apply credit or whatever loans needed out there, as to be fair is human does make mistake so does government do.

    At lease have a credit card call for bad credti personnel who can apply credit card for urgent purpose!!!

  39. retrench employee Says:

    I am a foreigner i took a credit 15k i want to pay very honest but unluckyly i retrench to my company and need to go back to my own country.. what if i dont settled d amount do i will be on jailed? Or cant go back sG for another work so i can pay my loan? Please help me

  40. hopeful Says:

    How do I get rid of a HX rating? I have cleared most of my debits accumulated in earlier years, left only 1 credit card that I always use and 1 line of credit.

  41. emily lee Says:

    how I can check my report, I under work permit in sinngapore

  42. Anthony Says:

    I have credit card from SCB,however, it doesnt shown in my CBS report and risk grade is GX, does it seem right?

  43. jeffrey Says:

    Hi, Anyone who have been discharge & have successfully approved for credit card or loan from bank they previously own money to??? Pls advise

  44. Credit Says:

    I have cleared my outstanding with banks and report shows no default in year 2011. But till now, all the banks rejected all my application for credit card. What should I do? Is it that I can’t apply credit card forever?

  45. ky Says:

    can I check that if I had diner card and I never default the payment, and I check my cbs report, the report was DD so will it be affected that bank will dispprove?

  46. Chris Says:

    I have no credit facilities and don’t owe any banks, yet when I applied for a credit line recently, I was rejected, do you know why? I met all their income requirements.

  47. CX Says:

    Recently i checked my recent credit rating and found it was “CX”. I’m a bit worried coz i just recently got a job offer from a financial institution unsure if it would affect the processing of my paper because of this credit rating.

    do i need to get worried?

  48. XX Says:


    What does grade “HH” means? Does this mean highest risk & future loan application will get rejected?

  49. to XX Says:

    HH means you have the lowest credit rating grade, which implies that you have the highest likelihood of defaulting:

    I think banks are likely to reject your loan applications.

  50. Alex Says:

    I have a grade of “HX”. Meaning??? Good or Bad?? LOL

  51. jj Says:


    I have a bad creit report due to over due loans. But i have since paid off all my loan. I tired many time to appy for a credit card but always unsuccessful.

    I need to rebuilt my credit score, without a credit card or loan, how can i improve it ? Why is bad record treated the same as bankrupt?

  52. LongLost Says:

    I have something to ask. I have an outstanding of $6000 from Diners since 2008. So many lawyer letters came to seek for a minimal payment in which i didn’t pay too. My fren told me to ignore as cases which is more than 7 years will be deemed as bad debts from the bank. Is this true? Should I pay or just ignore it as if I didn’t owe them anything? I waited for them to charge me in court for bankruptcy but still till now..nothing came along. What should I do?

    Fyi, I was cheated by my friend. I applied the card for him trusting that he can pay up every month but now he is missing in action.

  53. Chris Says:


    Need advice for an issue with SCB.

    I had a loan with SCB 2 years back, have always been repaying the loan on time till I hit a bad patch due to a relative absconding and I had to bear his debts; I was into my 3 month of not paying and was subsequently issued a writ of summon. I have been prompt in my repayments since then, but I’m not sure how long will the writ of summon issued be erased from the CB report? I’m planning to apply for a flat soon, afraid it’ll be rejected due to credit status.


  54. Confused Says:


    Used to owe banks many years back when I was young and stupid but now I have fully settled everything since April 2013. I just checked my cbs report and it shows HX.. Furthermore, I have no outstanding credit facilities. Any advice on this or how long will this HX stay?

    Thanks very much

  55. Sad Says:

    Hi, i am discharged bankgrupt 1yrs plus. Lately applied for renovation loan and been rejected. Also my recent credit report shows no owing/trace. I dun knw why it had been rejected by 5 banks in sg.
    Am thinking which bank/finance company in sg can help as i can comit in mth instalment payment.
    Any one had approved renovation loan after discharged bankgrupt? Maybe can advise whats the cateria in getting the loan..thanks

  56. Mo Says:

    what does cx means is it good or bad

  57. William Says:

    i am also curious , my rating also CX
    no idea

  58. William Says:

    I just received my application have been approve for cashline, but credit card still unknown.
    so for CX rating can approve

  59. EL Says:

    I am curious whether the Civil Service can pull up CBS records of all their employees to conduct an Audit Check on their Financial Well Being. Any insights?

  60. Says:

    No matter if some one searches for his essential thing, so he/she desires to be available that in detail, so that
    thing is maintained over here.

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