Cost of living is top concern


The results of a survey conducted by SPH Research show that Singaporeans are most worried about cost of living and least worried about the need to travel abroad for work.

The following is the list of top concerns, ranked by importance (figure in brackets is the percentage of respondents who indicated they are worried about that item):

  1. Cost of living (62%)
  2. Stress (53%)
  3. Effects of globalization (37%)
  4. Job security (28%)
  5. Technology development (22%)
  6. Family relations (22%)

This is reported in Zaobao today.

So it seems most of the top concerns are all more or less related to making a living in Singapore.

Will cost of living still be a concern if you make high enough an income? As for stress, the source of it is most likely work related. And need we say more about globalization and job security?


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