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Banks have access to your credit payment history. They use the information to assess your creditworthiness – whether you are able to repay your loans or clear your monthly card balance.

You can also obtain your own report electronically, as reported in Sunday Times today.

First, a quick note on the Credit Bureau Singapore (CBS). It maintains credit data (credit payment records) of bank customers in Singapore. Such data is submitted by participating financial institutions to the CBS, which include all the major retail banks here – ABN AMRO, American Express, Bank of China, CitiBank, DBS, HSBC, MayBank, OCBC, RHB Bank, Standard Chartered, and UOB.

And these participating banks can request for your credit data from CBS.

You, too, can obtain your own credit report. It costs you $5 + GST. Here’s how:

  1. Go to this page in CBS’ website.
  2. Click on the “Click here!” button on that page.
  3. You will be directed to the SingPass login page. (If you do not yet have a SingPass, you can make an online request for it. With SingPass, you can access CPF and IRAS information electronically, among others.)
  4. Login with your SingPass ID and password.
  5. Fill up your personal details. Include an email address if you wish to receive a copy of your credit report via email as well.
  6. Click on the “I Agree” radio button and click “Submit”.
  7. Follow on-screen instructions to pay the fee via eNets. (Currently, you can only pay by credit card.)

After your report is displayed on page, you can choose to print it or save it (in PDF format). If you have given an email address earlier, a PDF copy will also be sent to that email address.

There is also a link directing you to a PDF page on “Understanding your credit report”. Make sure you save a copy of this as well.

Information on your credit report includes:

  • Account status history. This shows all the credit card and loan accounts that you have, along with a rolling 12-month status history. To understand the codes used in the history, refer to the “Understanding your credit report” document. For example, the code “A” indicates that your payment for that month was ok (up to 29 days past due).
  • Previous enquiries. This section tells you who else have obtained your credit report. These are typically banks which have dealings with you.
  • Default payments. If you have defaulted on any payment (i.e. you have not paid up), it will be recorded here for 6 years.
  • Bankruptcy proceedings. All public bankruptcy records, if any, will be displayed here, until 6 years from the date of bankruptcy discharge.

If you have maintained good credit history (paid up everything on time), you have nothing to worry about.


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  1. Hi

    I have a bad creit report due to over due loans. But i have since paid off all my loan. I tired many time to appy for a credit card but always unsuccessful.

    I need to rebuilt my credit score, without a credit card or loan, how can i improve it ? Why is bad record treated the same as bankrupt?

  2. I have something to ask. I have an outstanding of $6000 from Diners since 2008. So many lawyer letters came to seek for a minimal payment in which i didn’t pay too. My fren told me to ignore as cases which is more than 7 years will be deemed as bad debts from the bank. Is this true? Should I pay or just ignore it as if I didn’t owe them anything? I waited for them to charge me in court for bankruptcy but still till now..nothing came along. What should I do?

    Fyi, I was cheated by my friend. I applied the card for him trusting that he can pay up every month but now he is missing in action.

  3. Hi

    Need advice for an issue with SCB.

    I had a loan with SCB 2 years back, have always been repaying the loan on time till I hit a bad patch due to a relative absconding and I had to bear his debts; I was into my 3 month of not paying and was subsequently issued a writ of summon. I have been prompt in my repayments since then, but I’m not sure how long will the writ of summon issued be erased from the CB report? I’m planning to apply for a flat soon, afraid it’ll be rejected due to credit status.


  4. Hi,

    Used to owe banks many years back when I was young and stupid but now I have fully settled everything since April 2013. I just checked my cbs report and it shows HX.. Furthermore, I have no outstanding credit facilities. Any advice on this or how long will this HX stay?

    Thanks very much

  5. Hi, i am discharged bankgrupt 1yrs plus. Lately applied for renovation loan and been rejected. Also my recent credit report shows no owing/trace. I dun knw why it had been rejected by 5 banks in sg.
    Am thinking which bank/finance company in sg can help as i can comit in mth instalment payment.
    Any one had approved renovation loan after discharged bankgrupt? Maybe can advise whats the cateria in getting the loan..thanks

  6. I just received my application have been approve for cashline, but credit card still unknown.
    so for CX rating can approve

  7. I am curious whether the Civil Service can pull up CBS records of all their employees to conduct an Audit Check on their Financial Well Being. Any insights?

  8. I have a HX in my grade, tried to get personal loan with few banks and got rejected. Only have home loan at the moment, no credit cards at all and no default payment. Called up CBS and they state that I have a writ of summon file against me last year due to car accident which involved 1 msia car and 3 other sg cars (I was the second car). HX will not be removed until court and investigation is settled, does bank loan reject my application due to the HX that I have which stated writ of summons or bankruptcy filed against me which make the bank think that I might default their payment? I might be wrong, maybe you could give me some advices.

  9. Hi, I am first time purchasing the cbs report. I purchase online but there is nothing pop out once I did the payment. Does it take time to send the report to may mail box?

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