Choosing an Ideal Platform for Your Company’s Employee Advocacy Campaigns


In this digital era, many consumers research products or services online. Some may seek reviews relating to the product of their interest on social networks. A company that positions its employees as ambassadors on social media platforms can attract such individuals and convert them into customers.

Employee advocacy involves the sharing of relevant information about your products, services, or brand on social networks by employees. Through this strategy, you can inform and engage your workforce. Consequently, they will help boost the organization’s reach, improve customers’ trust, and capture the attention of prospective hires. However, an employee advocacy platform will ensure the success of your company’s promotional campaigns.

Many businesses are enjoying the gains of employee advocacy, including brand awareness, organic reach, and improved trust and sales. However, conducting an advocacy campaign is challenging if you don’t have suitable software to help with its creation, management, and monitoring. Here are tips that help you choose suitable software for your promotional campaigns.

Functionalities and Features

Employee advocacy software available in the market has different features. Some have primary functions, while others are feature-rich. If your company is complex with on-site and remote staff, the software features are a necessary factor. Consider the functionalities of different advocacy software before opting for a perfect fit.

Easy Integration with Communication Channels

Most big companies use multiple tools for internal communication. Consequently, employees may miss relevant information if not distributed via their preferred communication option. Using advocacy software that integrates the company’s various information dissemination tools aids content distribution to all digital channels.

Mobile-friendly Software

An advocacy platform that is mobile-friendly and intuitive is an excellent choice. Besides, many employees can easily view promotional content on their phones while at work and share the information. Due to users’ smooth experience on mobile devices, mobile-friendly employee advocacy software has high adoption rates.


Usually, cheaper employee advocacy platforms have only basic features. Contrarily, the more scalable and comprehensive solutions are pricier. Consider your workforce size and budget when making a choice.

Creating relevant content that your employees will share on social networks and tracking the campaign’s progress is challenging. Fortunately, an employee advocacy platform can simplify the process, contributing to its success. An advocacy software that integrates popular social media networks is an excellent option.




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