5 Hacks to Making Profits in Stock Trading


Let us all face the fact that we have all tried our luck in stock market trading and we have realized that it is no piece of cake. It not only takes a lot of time but also a lot of effort. Seriously, no number of videos or tutorials is enough to get one through it. The internet is flooded with videos that claim to teach you trading but let us all be honest; it is not that easy. In fact, trading hacks in the form of hacks and tips that will let you make more money does not even exist.

However, there is a lot of advice if used right can definitely guide you to profitable trading. Not most people know these points that one should keep in mind while trading. Below is a list of some hacks to making profits in stock trading.

·      Don’t look at the single trade

One thing that traders have to understand is that trading is completely random at the single trade level, but definitely becomes a game when different traders are put together.

Therefore, if you have a trading strategy that works, these random trades added together will give you an edge in the market. You can learn to trade online. There are e-learning platforms that teach you everything about trading. However, you have to pay a small fee for those courses. Check out the list of the platforms that offer you discounts and coupons to save your hard-earned money.

·      Use backtesting

As the term itself suggests, backtesting is when you use historical data for your current strategies. You will have to observe the edge and how it has flared historically. One of the biggest mistakes that traders make is that they don’t take into consideration the odds of success for a trade before they enter it. You also have to keep checking stock prices always.

Technical analysis is one of the major tools that simplifies and describes market behavior when it comes to trading. The competition is increasing with each passing day and thus, if you want to make money through trading. Start backtesting and you will hold a great advantage over your competitors. 

·      Go with Higher Timeframes

The next hack for earning profits in trading is the time frame. Most beginners don’t have the patience to invest in their time and thus, they lose their money during the process. The point is, that the market is fast-paced, and if you use lower timeframes, it becomes harder to find an edge.

To be precise, higher timeframes include more market action. Therefore, it is recommended that you go with daily bars that represent one trading day. This way you can earn more profit.

·      Risk only what you can afford to lose

The next way to make a profit while trading is by risking only what you can afford to lose. Therefore, before using real cash make sure that the money in that account is expendable. One thing you have to make sure of while trading is money in the trading account should not be allocated to anything important. Let us face the fact that losing money is traumatic enough so make sure the money you are investing is not for something important.

The money for any important obligations should always be kept in a separate account so you don’t lose it. 

·      Always use a stop Loss

A stop loss is a predetermined amount of risk that is associated with each trade. You don’t have to go beyond the amount that you have decided. It can either be a dollar amount or a percentage, but ultimately it limits your exposure during a trade. This method can take your stress out of the trading since we know we can lose only amount X and nothing more than that. Not having a stop loss is a bad practice and if you are trading you should always keep this point in mind.

Stock trading can be a rewarding endeavor, but it requires a combination of education, strategic planning, diversification, risk management, and continuous adaptation to market changes. By following these five hacks, aspiring traders can enhance their chances of making profits and build a sustainable and successful trading career. Remember that patience, discipline, and a continuous thirst for knowledge are the keys to long-term success in the stock market.



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