Android App For Your Parents To Check Malaysia Stock Prices


If your parents had been using the now-defunct Teletext to monitor Bursa / KLSE stock prices, the new Bursa Stocks 股 App is the perfect app for them.

Fast and easy to use, this app lets your folks easily track up-to-the-minute prices of their shares on their smart phones and even tablet devices (i.e. Android tablets).

Download Bursa Stocks 股 App for your parents today.

Bursa Stocks Android App - check share prices
Bursa Stocks [Android] App – check latest share prices on the go

The Bursa Stocks 股 App is now available for use on all Android and iOS devices:

The Bursa Stocks App offers these features:

    • View stock prices of the companies listed on the Malaysia Bursa Stock Exchange (Bursa / KLSE).
    • Fast and easy to use. This app is the Teletext replacement you have been looking for!
    • No login!
    • Intraday high, intraday low, traded volume, and price change of last done are also displayed for each stock.
    • Add to favourites and quickly view the price movements of the shares you are interested in.
    • App will auto-refresh all prices every minute. Tap “Refresh” button to instantly refresh the prices.

Any stock price and market data provided in this app is for informational purposes only, and should not be relied upon for trading / investment. When buying / selling shares, always consult your remisier / broker.



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  1. Any stock price or market data displayed in this app is for reference purposes only and not intended for trading or investment purposes. Never make a stock purchase or sale without first talking to your broker or remisier. free games

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