How Can Taking a SkillsFuture Course Help Advance Your Career?


Finding a fulfilling job that pays well isn’t as easy as it used to be—not even in a place with a highly mature and very advanced labour market like Singapore. This is not just down to major world events such as the COVID-19 pandemic and the current instability of global markets, it also comes down to the ever-increasing pace of innovation in various industries.

The speed of innovation today almost guarantees that even graduates of the best schools are almost always a little behind compared to what businesses are already looking for currently. Where innovation cycles in the 20th century could be measured in years, in the current century, innovations overtake entire industries in a matter of months.

This is especially relevant in Singapore, a country that is heavily reliant on human capital rather than on natural resources. SkillsFuture credit courses are one of the many ways the Singaporean government hopes to maintain its critical edge in its local workforce and industries.

What Are SkillsFuture Courses?

The SkillsFuture Series is a programme maintained by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), a government agency that aims to promote holistic lifelong learning among Singaporeans of all ages. The programme allows participants to develop a fuller understanding and more intuitive mastery of their chosen fields through training courses facilitated by actively working professionals rather than academicians.

Different local institutions are involved in facilitating the SkillsFuture Series, including highly-regarded schools, colleges, and technical institutes. SSG funds all available Certificate of Competency (CoC) courses under the SkillsFuture Series. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced level courses in a variety of skill areas are available. Each certificate course is a short programme that looks into one specific area within an industry, with each CoC taking a day or more to earn.

Here are some of the advantages of taking CoC courses through SSG:

Improves Hireability

Employee onboarding, training, and development are expensive areas for many businesses. This is not only thanks to the resources that have to be spent to upskill workers, but also due to the reduced worker utilisation and opportunity costs involved. This means that when choosing similarly qualified candidates, most employers will choose the ones who need less training.

Additionally, most highly competitive businesses—of which there are many in Singapore—are keen to stay abreast of the newest developments. Taking CoC courses through SkillsFuture can be a way to be more appealing to these forward-looking enterprises.

Expands Practical Skills

All industries experience periodic shifts that require the deliberate adoption of new techniques and technologies. However, not everyone can spare the time to take a conventional class or an extensive course to catch up on these developments. In any case, such classes may not even exist or may be impractical to take due to their time constraints.

SkillsFuture courses are designed specifically to overcome these issues. Not only are the courses short, but they are also conducted by active professionals in one’s chosen field. This ensures that course participants will have access to practical knowledge and opportunities for upskilling in useful areas.

Ensures Knowledge Is Relevant

As mentioned earlier, many industries innovate extremely rapidly. Because of the way conventional education is structured, it may take time before any developments are integrated into learning modules, at which point they may already be outdated. If you belong to such an industry where changes are rapidly taking place, taking a SkillsFuture course could be crucial for keeping your professional knowledge up-to-date and relevant.

Takes Future Industry Trends into Account

Future-proofing the Singaporean workforce is a big part of what SkillsFuture Singapore is all about. SSG courses and modules are developed with future needs and trends fully in mind. Participants in SkillsFuture courses will find themselves better prepared to take the lead in their respective industries in these fast-changing and unpredictable times.

Gives Access to Mentors and Peers in Your Field

Taking SkillsFuture courses opens up numerous opportunities for mentorship from professionals who truly understand your field. Additionally, these courses are a great way to network with like minds in your industry, which further opens up a world of possibilities for you in your career path.

Continue Learning through SkillsFuture

SkillsFuture offers Singaporeans from all walks of life opportunities to not only continue their education but to succeed in their chosen vocations as well. SSG programmes also allow for better self-actualisation, relevant upskilling, and comprehensive mastery for students, employees, and entrepreneurs alike, wherever they may be in their professional journey.

To learn more about SkillsFuture courses and other options for continuing and expanding your knowledge, explore the SSG website or contact participating schools.


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