Discover Brisbane, the hosts of the 2032 Summer Olympics


If you plan on visiting Brisbane this year, you can expect only great things to come. The worldwide multi-sport 2032 Summer Olympics is taking place in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, from July 23 to August 8, 2032.
Alongside such exciting sporting events, it’s actually winter down under and perfect to immerse in nature, try new cuisines, wine tasting, and get plenty of memories. This overview introduces you to Brisbane and everything you need as a tourist to experience this summer.


City life in Brisbane

Brisbane is a dynamic city full of sporting and cultural activities. It is known for its good energy and vibrant love of the outdoors. Keep reading to get to know more about Brisbane.


Nightlife in Brisbane isn’t all about clubbing and drinking, but also about attending live music venues, and the amazing rooftop bars, a spectacular experience that you should try.

Aside from that, Eat Street North-shore is a suitable place to eat street food. It has almost 100 sellers making culinary goodies from all over the world. Whether you are craving East Asian food, Greek food, or plain simple donuts, you get to find it there.

City Museums and Galleries

There are plenty of museums and art galleries that you should give a try in Brisbane. Most museums don’t require any fees, so that’s a plus. For instance, Queensland Museum, located in South Brisbane, is a natural history, cultural heritage, scientific, and human achievement museum that showcases Queensland, Australia’s evolving history.

Through exhibitions, displays, and public activities, the Museum’s permanent and rotating exhibits link visitors to Queensland, its people, and Queensland’s role in the world – past, present, and future.  It also plans fascinating traveling exhibits from Australia and other countries. As for Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art, it gathers a collection of both historical and modern exhibitions for people of fine taste in art where you get to have your day full of cultivated activities.

Variety of Accommodation Options

Whether you seek a luxurious hotel, boutique hotel, or a plain simple motel, Brisbane has a variety of choices that suit your budget. All you need to do is some extra planning beforehand and pick the housing that suits you and your needs the most. The prices of accommodation start from $56 and you can find great deals if you book beforehand.

Depending on your preferences, whether you are more of a city person or more into natural landscapes and waterfalls, there are hundreds of hotels that fulfill your requirements. City hotels are usually centrally-located and they give you easy access to the city and the urban Australian lifestyle, while a mountain retreat is an escape far off crowds and city lights, where you can enjoy your time in total quietness and relaxation.

International Cuisines and Wine

Brisbane is very known for its diversity of cuisines and the success of cooking small businesses owned by people from all over the world. Whether you fancy Italian dining, Brazilian rice, and beans, Mexican quesadillas, a North African buffet, or a simple Australian dinner, you get to have it all at very suitable prices too.

Most restaurants are located in the heart of Brisbane and are easy to get to. Brisbane is also home to the best wineries in the world. For instance, City Winery is the first urban winery in Brisbane since the 1800s, and you definitely should give it a try.


Things to do around the Olympic Games Venues

Brisbane Olympics

The Olympic Games will be hosted in Brisbane’s most popular spotlights

The Brisbane master plan of the Olympic Games during the summer of 2032 includes 32 sites spread over three main zones in South-East Queensland for the 28 Olympic sports. Depending on your preferences, you can watch every game you desire and still have fun around the area. After all, you can’t get yourself stuck all day long in the stadiums. You will waste so much time that could be dedicated to exploring the city instead. Keep reading to find out more.

Woolloongabba, Brisbane

The opening ceremonies and main events of the Olympic Games are held in Gabba of Woolloongabba, Brisbane. There are various activities to do in the area, restaurants to eat at, and souvenirs to get. In Woolloongabba, there are many cool bars, cafés, and affordable restaurants where you can try exotic meals like in Boo’s Kitchen, which serves Thai food.

In addition, you can chill in a beer garden, Canvas Club. If in need of some souvenirs, Absolutely Fabulous is the right place, a boutique selling vintage furniture and home goods.

Carrara, Gold Coast

Carrara is a suburb in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and it will host plenty of games mainly in the Metricon Stadium. There are a few activities you can do around the sports venues including shopping in Carrara’s markets where you can engage in the Australian lifestyle of the Gold Coast, and buy bohemian clothes, crystals, home decor, and necklaces made out of seashells. Restaurants and pubs in Carrara serve freshly made seafood, sushi, and even pizza.

Kawana Waters, Sunshine Coast

From Brisbane, it takes a little over an hour to get to Kawana. It is the perfect starting point for Sunshine Coast leisure time since it is centrally positioned and links to Currimundi Creek in the south and Point Cartwright in the north. There are many things you could do around Kawana.

The beaches in Kawana are very safe, and clear, and allow you to have a splendid surfing experience. You can then eat at the Wildflower Restaurant & Bar, with its elegant and modern decor. It serves delicious meals all throughout the day. If you are in need of some souvenirs, you can check out the Kawana Shopping World which has over 160 shopping stores, free parking facilities, and outdoor dining.


Sporting and cultural activities in Brisbane

Brisbane sports

You can always feel connected to the Olympics even when you’re out of the stadium

Brisbane is a really sporty city and most definitely known for rugby, so there are places for sports lovers and people who are more attached to the cultural side of a country.

Mountain Biking

Outdoor biking in Brisbane takes a huge part of most locals’ lives. Having massive landscapes and mountains, you can bike anywhere in Brisbane whether in national or private parks. First off, make sure you get a good mountain bike (whether you hire it or use your own bike), carry a map with you, or be accompanied by an expert so you avoid unpleasant incidents. There are plenty of mountain bike trails, both the easy and the rocky ones with hills, depending on how experienced you are.


Sailing in Brisbane is a unique experience. It’s an activity that you should definitely include in your bucket list if you are into luxurious sailing journeys with wine and crystal clear water views. If you’ve always been dreaming of the sailor’s experience, you finally get to have it in Brisbane’s yachts.

For instance, CruiseMe in the Gold Coast offers you a beautiful sailing experience to South Stradbroke island. You get to dine watching the sunset, snorkel, and see kangaroos on the island. You will only need towels, clothes, swimming gear, food, beverages, and of course your sunscreen.

Fishing with the Natives

If you want to interact with the indigenous peoples, then you must try the Indigenous Fishing Experience in Stradbroke Island. Stradbroke Island, sometimes known as Straddie or North Straddie, is located in Moreton Bay, 30 kilometers southeast of Brisbane, in the Australian state of Queensland.

Whether you want to dedicate a day or even half a day to such an amazing experience, it’ll be all worth it as you get to learn more about the traditional fishing techniques that the natives of Brisbane still use to this very day. You’ll get to fish, cook, and have freshly made meals, and absolutely be mesmerized by the Australian genuine spirit of hospitality and good manners.

Ice Rinks

Whether you are a beginner, an expert, or you simply don’t know anything about ice rinks, the Iceworld Olympic Ice Rinks of Brisbane allows you to have exclusive access to Brisbane ice rinks both in the city’s south and north. Rinks make great places to try ice skating, a fun and exciting sporting activity for people of all ages.

It promotes exercise and concentration and opens up a wide range of other chances for ice sports. If you are bringing your kids with you, they’ll definitely enjoy ice sporting activities and consider being part of the Olympic games one day.

Winery Tours

Being engaged in the Australian lifestyle has to be a brilliant idea if you want to make your trip even more fun. Wineries are quite common all around Australia, an experience you wouldn’t find anywhere. You get to try wine tasting, be showcased how wine is traditionally made, and pack souvenirs with you on the way home


3 Travel Hacks as a Tourist

Brisbane city

Brisbane is a vast city and you utterly need to be careful and take precautions for a safer travel experience

Like any other international city, you need to prioritize your safety and stick to the following tips. For more information, make sure you constantly check the official website of the department of health and aged care in Australia. If your summer trip involves attending the olympiads, make sure you keep reading.

1.  Save money

There are many fun activities in Brisbane that seduce you to engage in them, but sometimes having so much “unplanned” fun spoils the trip and you find out that you foolishly spent your money on things that could’ve been easily done for free. Brisbane, although very cultured and beautiful, especially during the big events seasons, is very expensive, which is why you need to consider being a sustainable person in many aspects.

Brisbane has splendid facilities when it comes to public transportation and it is very affordable. You can hire a bike too. Also, it is indeed tempting how amazing and diverse restaurants and cuisines are in Brisbane but make sure you eat at the locals’ favorites if you are willing to save money on food.

2.  Book in advance during peak seasons

Booking in advance is always the right travel hack to give to anyone, traveling anywhere, especially when it comes to accommodations. Brisbane is a highly busy city and always has tourists coming from all over the world, so you don’t want to leave booking your accommodations to the last minute and spoil your summer vacation. Additionally, booking ahead sometimes benefits you with discounts.

3.  Wear sunscreen

It is highly recommended to wear sunscreens every day in Brisbane as its weather is quite warm during summertime. Queensland has a high rate of skin cancer which makes sunscreen an obligatory item in your travel bag. You should also take your hat wherever you go as in Brisbane, you get exposed to sunlight daily.



Brisbane, with its warm weather, bright beaches, and exotic city life is your perfect destination this summer. You get to attend the 2023 Summer Olympic Games, tour the city, explore the islands, and discover what the hype is all about in Brisbane. There are many things to do in the city, and outside of it as well, plenty of new food and wine to try, island locals to interact with and history to discover, and cruises to take part in.



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