Top 10 Best Features Of School Management System


School authorities worldwide are constantly engaged in copious activities to efficiently manage the day-to-day functioning of the school and provide better education to the students. It becomes challenging to keep track of all the events; thus, the School Management System is a game-changer.

School Management System is an information management system for educational institutions. These systems give complete control of the day-to-day activities, academic curriculum, sports, library management, administration, etc. Therefore, school management software helps with easy and quick access to data.


Features Of Good School Management System are –

1. Student Data:

Teachers can get every detail of the student in management system software. From basic information like student’s address, parent’s name, siblings, student’s grades, attendance, homework, discipline, achievements, and medical history. All the information regarding the student can be accessed easily.

2. Transparency With Parents:

In this busy world, parents cannot be connected with their child’s school activities and academic progress. Therefore, the parent portal helps them to get regular updates on their child.

3. Attendance & Timetable Management :

Taking attendance is a painstaking task. It is a daily activity that teachers have to conduct at the beginning of the class.  Sometimes, it is difficult for teachers to manage attendance and record them accurately. The school management system helps teachers to record attendance easily in the teacher’s app. They can share the attendance status with parents in just a matter of a few seconds.

4. Report Cards:

In school, a report card holds a lot of importance. It represents a student’s hard work throughout the academic year. However, it is a time-consuming activity for teachers. Thus, school management software can help teachers and school authorities to restructure and simplify the process.

5. Online Payment:

A lot of paperwork and efforts are involved in tracking the payment of school fees. Preparing and managing the receipts and bills of every student is time-consuming. Due to online payment, the whole process has become convenient for both parents & the school.

6. Reduces Workload:

An effective school management system software allows saving all the data in a system. So, whenever any data is required, it can be obtained immediately without having the trouble to save bundles of files.

7. Decreases Cost Of Communication:

It is very important to have effective communication among parents, school, and teachers. In this competitive age, a quarterly meeting of parents & teachers doesn’t give enough guidance. So, the parent portal plays a vital role in facilitating the communication process. A text message, voice message, and email can be sent to a set of parents or the whole school all at once. Thereby, it saves the time & money in making phone calls or leaving messages to parents. This helps in the overall progress of the student.

8. Home Assignments:

With an online school management system, every student can easily view the home assignments. The student knows every detail like the assignment topic, when the assignment is given, the submission date, etc.

9. Academic Calendar:

The software provides an academic calendar wherein parents are updated about events, meetings, exam schedules, assignments, annual days, etc.

10. Student- Teacher collaboration:

Apart from term examinations, online assessments are essential too. This helps to test the student’s knowledge regularly. As every student’s progress is different, teachers have to monitor each student’s ability closely. Thus, teachers can provide individual assignments depending on the level of knowledge the student generates. This technique of personal guidance becomes easy with the help of the School Management System.

In short, school management leads the school towards development through the optimum use of human resources, physical sources, values, and concepts.

What Is CRM And Why Does School Management System Need It?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM), in the school system, is an asset. It is a customer-centric system that can help educational professionals in:

  • Nurturing relationships with prospective parents and students
  • Producing data-driven meaningful insights to illustrate progress towards goals, and
  • Streamlining admissions and marketing initiatives to save time and effort.
  • It helps to focus on important things rather than mundane tasks.

What Is The Best Strategy To Choose CRM

For CRM, there is no one-size-fits-all concept. You will have to complete research and note down the features that are absolute must-haves for your school management system. Every school is different and so is their vision. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your CRM management is aligned with the values of your institution. Following are a few things to consider while choosing the best CRM for your school management system-

  • User-friendly: This is an utmost important feature and without a doubt becomes the basic requirement of the system. A complicated CRM would reduce productivity as staff might struggle to do routine tasks.
  • Customization: One needs to check whether the CRM system will be able to do all tasks or it has to be customized. Suppose, it needs customization, what will be the cost involved? Does it fit into your budget?
  • Easy Reminders: By sending reminders, parents will feel an added level of personal attention and will appreciate the effort. Thus, improves your school’s customer experience.
  • Integral Invoice Generation: Select a CRM that can manage your invoicing and send professional invoices to parents.
  • Reporting: CRM should be able to generate custom reports. This feature will track a child’s progress based on different factors like academics, sports, fitness, communication, etc. This assures the parent that the school is monitoring their child’s growth in all aspects. Therefore, parents will have a great customer experience.
  • Customer Support: Last but not the least, CRM should have good customer support. Anytime there is an issue, your clients shouldn’t face inconvenience. Good customer support will help you resolve the problem at the earliest.

Cutting Edge with Flavor

Flavor has an excellent CRM system with amazing result-oriented features like Lead Management, Visual Sales Pipeline, Email, SMS Campaign, Lead Scoring, Payment Management systems, etc.

Flavor is cloud-based technology, which means your data is safe in our cloud storage and you can access your data anytime, anywhere, and at any device.

Therefore, Flavor has the best CRM for school management in Singapore.


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