Discover 5 Trendy Small Toilet Designs That Speak of Luxury


Whether we like it or not, the time we spend in the restroom is precious. It’s where we have some of our most private moments. So, it should not only operate properly, but it should also be built for maximum comfort and elegance. While some toilets are large enough to accommodate amenities such as walk-in tubs, smaller bathrooms may still make a design statement. Here are five modern bathrooms designed with rich materials such as marble and brass that you’ll want to show off to the rest of the world.

1. Bohemian Paradise


Nothing screams understated luxury like a bohemian room. Now, while we have seen enough boho bedrooms and living rooms, how about we bring the same décor personality to our toilet designs as well? This beautiful bohemian bathroom design lets you bathe in the lap of luxury and stay connected to the beauty of nature.

2. Opulent Charm


Give your ‘me time’ a touch of opulent luxury with this toilet design. This luxurious bathroom is a one-stop-destination for all your vanity needs. With a gorgeous dresser and a makeup table built-in, this bathroom design would make getting ready in the morning a dream.

3. Modern Chic


Looking for a modern yet luxurious toilet design? Opt for simple and clean textures with smooth reflective surfaces. A monochrome bathroom can be a great option for those who love modern luxury. Adorn the room with golden lights and fragrant blooms to give your bathroom an eye-catchy finishing touch.

4. Minimal Luxury


Minimalism is an art form in itself. While some might find this art form and unwelcoming, those who understand it love everything about it. A minimal toilet design is perfect for the fast-paced life of today and allows you to get a few moments of peace in a perfectly soothing environment.

5. Colours of Happiness


If you’re someone who loves pops of colours, you can go all out with your toilet design. Opt for striking colour combinations and give your bathroom fresh new look. Opt for trendy colours like emerald, lavender, or ruby and watch your bathroom ooze modern luxury.

6. Calming Designs


If you wish to start your day in a soothing environment, giving your bathroom a calming new look can be an excellent idea. Go for soothing, light colours and cool lights. Accents the space with indoor plants and complete the look with cool toned wooden decor pieces.

So, these were a few HDB toilet design ideas that you can include in your bathroom interiors. These ideas will help you design the bathroom of your dreams and give a whole new look to the first room you make a visit to right after you wake up.

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