How Education Helps You To Earn Money


How Education Helps You To Earn Money

Most people assume that the more educated a person is, the higher their salary will be. And with reports showing a direct link between average weekly wages and education levels in the US, it’s easy to see why. But exactly how education helps you to earn money can be a bit more complicated.

For some, it’s a required qualification for a particular career or field of work.

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For others, it’s a means of developing crucial life skills that give your resume the edge over other candidates. Education can also open doors and create opportunities that otherwise might not be available, as well as helping students to become lifelong learners with inquisitive minds.

In this post, we look at how education helps you to earn money in five different ways:


Education Gives You Qualifications for Specific Lines of Work

One of the most obvious ways in which education helps you earn money is by providing qualifications in a specific field or line of work. When we look at the highest-paying jobs in the US, we can see that the top careers include medicine, psychology and dentistry. Each of these fields of work typically requires a high level of education, usually with many years of studying before becoming fully qualified.

But education doesn’t start and end with university degrees. There are many different types of qualifications that can help you to earn money in other fields. A good example is a TEFL qualification, which stands for Teach English as a Foreign Language. If you want to become a teacher but didn’t go to university and don’t have a regular teaching qualification, a TEFL course is one of the easiest ways to get a well-paid teaching job. With a TEFL qualification, you can teach all over the world (including China, which you can read more about in this well-constructed teach English in China article) as well as teaching English as a Foreign Language in your own country.


Education Teaches You Crucial Life and Work Skills

Another way that education can help you to earn money is by teaching important skills that are transferable to many aspects of work and life. Essential skills like teamwork, time management, communication, organisation and presentation are all invaluable in many fast-paced, higher-paying roles.

When you’re in education – whether that’s school, university, a course or whatever form it might be – you’re constantly developing and adding to your skillset. These skills can provide an impressive boost to your resume and give you the edge over other applicants when it comes to applying for jobs. Employers not only look at the qualifications you’ve received but also which skills will be useful for the role and make you an asset to their organisation.

Education has also been shown to improve confidence, making it easy to negotiate better starting salaries as well as pay increases further down the line.


Education Provides Access to Higher Paying Opportunities

Following on from the above point, education can also help you earn money by opening up the door to higher-paying opportunities. This not only applies to highly-skilled jobs like doctors, lawyers and psychologists but in almost every field of work

For example, private tutoring – particularly online – became increasingly popular during the pandemic when many people were forced to work from home. You don’t need to have any education or qualifications to set yourself up as a private tutor. However, if you want to command the highest rates, it’s incredibly important to show your students you have the education and skills to make it worth their while.

Generally, the higher your level of education and the more qualifications you have on your resume, the more money you will be able to ask for in your chosen field.


Education Opens the Door to Further Education

An obvious way that education helps you to earn money is by creating a pathway to further education and in turn, higher-paying jobs. For example, if you want to become a surgeon, you’d find it an impossible field to break into if you didn’t have a high school education, university degree and years of studying and qualifications under your belt.

To be able to get into a university to study medicine, you need your high school education and good grades. That initial high school education opens the door to all the further education you will need to become a surgeon and eventually earn very good money.

Further education can also look like training and courses that are designed to give you qualifications in a particular area of work. Although you can sometimes join a course without any previous education, many will require you to have at least studied at a high school level.


Education Creates Lifelong Learners

Finally, education helps you to earn money by making you a lifelong learner, which in turn provides you with access to better jobs and opportunities.

As we discussed earlier, further education can pave the way to higher-paying career options. But education also creates lifelong learners by encouraging people to continue learning and expanding their skills well beyond the boundaries of school, university or study.

Those who show a commitment to lifelong learning are becoming increasingly sought after by employers. This is because lifelong learners not only show they are continuously trying to improve themselves but also that they are willing to learn new skills that could be beneficial to the company or organisation they work for.

In a time when traditional work environments and organisational needs are constantly changing to adapt to new technologies and demands, lifelong learners have never been in a better position to negotiate their worth.


Use Your Education to Help You To Earn Money

Ready to start using your education to help you earn money? Now that you know the best ways you can leverage education to impress future employers, haggle higher wages and land yourself a niche-industry job, you’re all set.

Just remember, it’s like Benjamin Franklin once said – “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”






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