Why it Sucks to be Middle Class in Singapore


Recently, the Department of Statistics released some statistics on the income growth for 2015.

In a nutshell, it was found that there was encouraging growth of income in the bottom 30% of the population and the top 10% of the population.

So what happened to the middle class? They did mention that the median household income grew a bit, so maybe there was some growth even for the middle class, but it’s not much at all. It seems the DOS forgot there’s such a thing called inflation.

Middle Class

Middle class people

Despite this, the department somehow believes the income gap is narrowing. What? How is it narrowing when the top 10% (a.k.a all the tai tais, rich peeps, and ahem, the politically-inclined) still getting richer and the middle class shows no real growth? Let’s also not forget that whatever said and done, living costs are rising for EVERYONE. So if the middle class (a.k.a the majority of Singapore) are not seeing a growth income, it means the country probably isn’t really doing that great.

TL;DR: It’s not a great time to be a middle class in Singapore. Work harder.


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  1. Regarding your snide remark about inflation – you might want to check up the definition of ‘real income’ and look at the reported stats again.

    So middle income growth isn’t as great as the other extremes – while lamentable (since I’m probably right in there too), it’s hardly as bleak as the picture you’ve painted…

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