7 Reasons Why No One Wants to be an Engineer in Singapore


No one wants to be an engineer anymore. Here are the reasons:

1. Low pay.

2. Low prestige.

3. Engineering faculties/departments are dumping grounds. (What’s the cut off point now?) This is the death spiral.

4. Study so hard for what? The skills needed to get high pay are just: ability to speak well, present fluff well, dress well, socialize well, PowerPoint, Excel (the basics) and Google.

5. If things go wrong, it’s the engineer’s fault. Think software bugs, train breakdowns, etc. Doing sales, marketing, communications, coordination and general admin (aka “management”) seems so much easier.

6. Business owners and clients don’t expect to pay a lot for engineering solutions and talent. They always say, “Let’s outsource to overseas. Let’s hire the cheaper foreign talent.” But they don’t say the same thing when they’re looking for lawyers, doctors and bankers.

7. Retired bankers play golf and drive expensive cars. Retrenched engineers drive taxis.

Taxi Driver


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  1. Im an engineer in Singapore and i earn a decent sum of money for a family of 4. The reason is because the companies in SG mainly the Aerospace and Chemical industry wouldn’t risk taking in ‘cheaper’ foreign talent as they need skilled employees with a high standard of qualification like the ones for example, our local universities, to ensure an efficient workflow and not to risk any accidents. So these companies rather risk paying abit more than taking in foreign talent with mediocre qualifications.

    • The foreign talents with mediocre qualifications come only from India and those countries that split from it. The rest of have much better, qualified, experienced and innovative engineers that prefer work in west that shithole Singapore..

  2. I keep on reading your blog post.. This was still amazing. Thanks a lot for sharing this unique informative post with us.. I really enjoyed by reading your blog post

  3. Regret study engineering on

    Singapore and India sign the comprehensive economic cooperation agreement or CECA
    more Indian engineers will be coming to replaced Singapore engineers

  4. Ask this questions ,
    how many ministers’ children are doing engineering ?
    Moreover with CECA with India , (great “work” , by VIvian . Engineers can only get cheaper.

  5. How can Singapore have signed agreements with India concerning jobs , when it is known worldwide the cheating that goes on in India during exams , the degrees are useless . Many developed countries of the world refuse to accept Indian degrees for that reason , and the second reason is that the people from India are not that hard working or creative.
    If India engineers were that good the Indian infrastructure would be very good , and it is the opposite

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