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The average monthly income of households living in condos is $19,026. For those families living in landed properties, the figure is $25,419. This is according to the Key Household Income Trends 2012 report published by the Singapore Department of Statistics.

The median monthly household income is now $7,570, up from $7,040 last year. If you and your spouse make a combined income of more than $7,570, your family is better off than half the households here.

Those at the upper echelons make much more. The families in the top 10% (“top decile”) make an average of $30,379, which is disproportionately high. The households in the next decile make just half of that, and the figures for the next few deciles go down linearly:

Household income by deciles

To benchmark your household income, enter your monthly household income (including employer’s CPF contributions):



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  2. Figures don't seem to add up on

    The entire DoS report only mentioned “Income per household member”. Some households may have only 1 income earner while some may have 4-5. How do you derive the total household income? Meanwhile, you can only see different household types from Government handouts. Again, how do you derive average income for household type?

  3. Super households on

    Not surprising that landed properties households top the list. Not just because of high income earners, but the aggregate number of working adults. Most landed households I know have about 4-6 working adults with 2-4 couples and extended families, as compared to only one couple in HDB. The 80-member super household mentioned in asia1 recently should have at least 30 working adults that easily put them on top 0.1%

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