Benchmark Your Household Income 2012


As reported in the news, median monthly household income from work has increased by 11% from S$6,342 in 2010 to S$7,037 in 2011. This is based on recent Household Income data released by the Department of Statistics.

What’s not reported in the news is that the average household income in 2011 is $9,618. Simple mathematical reasoning tells us that this number is skewed upwards by the higher earning households.

Do you also know that the average household living in 5-room and executive HDB flats makes $10,160 a month? And that those living in condos and private apartments earn an average income of $18,060 a month? Landed property dwellers make the most – at $24,039 per month on average.

As always, has updated our benchmarking tool to use the latest data points (T13). Simply enter your monthly household income (including employer’s CPF contributions) to see how well your family is doing:

Compare your current ranking with last year’s.


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  2. Anyone knows if the “monthly” HH income is
    a) Monthly gross or
    b) Annual/12?

    I remember reading a stat from MOM and the fine print was Annual/12 but I am not sure if DOS uses this definition?

  3. By doing a few checks with data input from

    (pg 13)

    I have found the following:
    a) the numbers quoted for each decile are taken to be the median of that decile.
    b) Most likely the “monthly household income” is actually the total annual income (everything incl)/12 months.
    A few publiciations of DOS mentions this and I have not seen them use other definitions yet.
    c) And as stated clearly in the newspapers, this number includes emploYER contribution of CPF.

    Wah – this way of defining monthly HH income is the most “inflationary” of all methods LOL

  4. 5000 is at 30 percentile, 10000 is at 66 percentile.
    What the hell is going on people.

    Dont we have poor people in Singapore? Is this survey only for tax paying population in which case how many households doesnt pay tax.

    Money is losing its relevance these days …

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  6. mixup in labeling? on

    is it just me or did something happen to the definition of the word median?

    Average = Median

    It’s the same thing! Are you guys trying to say that the MEAN is xyz? The DOS report also reports different numbers for both Average & Median, though both should be the same…


  7. Average is NOT median.

    There are 3 measures of average i.e. mean, mode and median. Hence median is a type of average obtained when you line up the values in ascending order and take the mid value i.e the 50th percentile.

  8. Basic statistics bro. Mean is not the same as medium. Medium is more representative of the actual condition in my opinion, while mean value tend to be pulled up by high incomes earner skewed to the high of the range.

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