Our Poll Results: 45% Fresh Graduates Jobless


In the graduate employment survey conducted by Salary.sg, 45% of the respondents indicated that they are without jobs.

In this jobless group, 60% are actively looking for a job, while the remaining are not.

The poll was conducted over about 10 days with a better-than-expected 439 responses.

Graduate Employment Survey Results

As for the 55% (or so) with jobs, the median income is between $2,001 and $3,000. Not too bad.

Contrast our survey results with those (overly) positive-looking ones from the 3 local universities.

Note: Figures do not add up to 100% due to rounding.


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  2. i am a fresh grad and my major is BIS (business information systems )and i was ranked 4th among bis grads and i’m still jobless

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  4. I think the govt should close down all engineering faculties in NTU and NUS. Grads from these faculties are not landing jobs. Even, if they do get a job, most probably it is crap job.

    I was a Electrical/Electronic grad from NTU. You know what my employer asked me to do?

    Strip wire, pull cables, solder component to pcb, and all the other crap jobs deemed more suitable for technicians.

    I know I’m a fresh grad. But, please don’t insult me like this. At the very least, they could let me handle a small part of a design project, like design a small portion of a pcb (of course with guidance from seniors). Actually, I did request. But, my foreign boss just ignored me.

    Peers from US engineering faculties are doing must more value-added jobs than me.

    I feel very sick here. I want to migrate.

  5. maybe they treat you like an apprentice. you know in kungfu movies, the apprentice has to sweep the floor, serve tea and do all sorts of mundane and even humiliating work before he gets “promoted” to be an actual kungfu student. you are the apprentice now.

  6. it ok liao if u hv job …
    hv no ppl offered me ..the toLd me tat your qualification too high …After i no job 🙁

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