Many Fresh Graduates Unemployed


I have spoken to a number of fresh graduates. What they told me about the employment situation is disturbing.

The recent graduate employment surveys simply do not reflect the sad state of affairs.

And being flexible about salary doesn’t really seem to help.

If you graduated late last year, or are about to graduate in a couple of months, have you found a job yet?

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  1. from the survey, I seem to get the impression that 1) it is not difficult to find jobs for fresh graduates
    2) pay is very good
    3) only a small minority have difficulty finding jobs.
    we even have one person who wants to quit. according to the above comment. Recession?

  2. Start your own business. Employees now pay cut, retrenchment, no pay leave, work longer hours with less pay, no bonus etc… If during such times you cannot start your own business, you never will in your whole life! Simply because when the economy is good with five figure pay and 6 months bonus, do u think u will quit and step out? It’s now or never. Either you lead or you follow, who earns more is obvious.

  3. The newspapers reported that the top BBA students from SMU draws a starting salary of $4.1k which in my opinion is very high.

    But as I have always cautioned, we must look beyond the figures statistics churn out: like the technqiues used, sample size, etc…

    The most accurate representation will be on the ground 🙂

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  5. I am looking for people who are willing to put in hard work, in order to make at least $20,000 per month after 5 years. Call me.


  6. Mary you are correct.

    MLM businesses really do make you millionaire/ billionaires!

    ONLY if you are the guy starting the MLM! Or his friend!


    Pls, which part of “Go away Pests” do you not understand?

  7. I think it has to depend on the MLM company you are joining. My company happens to be a really good one. I’m not the person who starts MLM or his friend but i am earning passive income because of MLM.

  8. I am a fresh graduate from NUS BBA, graduated since june.

    Still jobless. When I went for interview recently, I met many NUS grad also still jobless.

    This is the hard truth.

    I hate it when the ministry calls us and tries to make us do their survey. I don’t respond and guess what? They call us. I straight say hello I am jobless what do you want from me

  9. Don’t limit yourself to SG… See the world and find a job abroad! Come back as ft later. I did the same thing and it’s terrific!

  10. sinkie abroad is rite.

    Sg Federation of business is complaining their companies are finding to hard to continue in sg, because they cannot get their ft.

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