Did You Exploit the Recession?


The STI index closed today at a year-high of 2,712.15, up more than 80% from its bottom just 7 months ago.

About a month before the market hit the bottom, I talked about exploiting the recession. STI was around 1,700 then.

And about a month after the market hit bottom, I talked about market cycle investing and again advised that the time was right to put your money into shares after setting aside some savings. STI was also around 1,700.

If you had bought blue chip shares at those times, you would have made around 60% profit.

If you had bought property with a loan a few months earlier, you would have made even more.

That said, market cycle investing has its risks, but I think they are reasonable risks to take if you have excess cash savings.

Have you sold your investments to take profit?


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  1. I’m not greedy, so I’ve sold all, making about $200k in total profits. All my shares made money. Will wait for the next opportunity. Currency crisis should be next. To be ready for it, I’m beefing up my forex skills at the moment.

  2. Still holding, seems the trend still has potential to move up further. But has stopped buying and ready to take profit.

  3. Nouriel Roubini: “Now we are in the mother of all carry trades.”

    “In the short run, what’s happening is that there is a wall of liquidity, not just in the United States but around the world, that is chasing assets. It is equities, commodities, it’s credit, it is gold, it is emerging market asset classes”

    “Everybody is borrowing, shorting the dollar, and investing in assets all over the world.”

    “Once the dollar reverses, you need to close your shorts, dump assets…”

    Watch video in http://www.cnbc.com/id/33477456

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