Adam Khoo Makes Money


… by running his motivation business and investing in shares and properties. But I would compare him with another “guru” Clemen Chiang.

The founder of Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group, which conducts personal development courses for children (and adults too), has invested in 2 condos (sold off 1) and stays in a 5,000 sq ft semi-detached house in East Coast.

His company has an annual turnover of $15 million.

Adam Khoo also invests in Singapore stocks like Capitaland and OCBC, US stocks and exchange traded funds.

And he prefers term insurance to whole life and endowment policies. See articles on term insurance and where to buy term insurance.

The above is based on info from Sunday Times.

I note that although Adam Khoo has co-authored books on trading stocks – covering technical analysis and short-term trading – he himself seems to be a medium to long-term value investor in blue chips and property.

He has also co-authored another recent book on Internet Marketing, but it seems he doesn’t do much of IM, at least to make money directly from it (rather than from collecting book royalties).

Maybe, in a way, he’s like “DoctorClemen Chiang, who teaches options trading courses, but seems to make more money from his seminars and other investments such as property than from actually trading options.

Now you know. The way to make a lot of money is to have a successful business, whether it’s selling books, conducting seminars, or even servicing aircon. And then invest wisely to grow your wealth.

If you think you’re better than your boss, why not strike out on your own? It’s easier if you’re working in an SME than in a MNC.


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  1. too many get rich schemes out there. there are no free lunches. a secret divulged is no longer a secret. a trick to make money should never be made known to all as well. selling options get u premiums, does it work? going for 1bp/tick gets u fast money, but do you always be on the correct side? law of law numbers, 50/50, end of day u break even provided your wins n losses equates. so how true is it?

  2. im appalled by the acute lack of ethical editing here…try not to mislead vulnerable people to take on unneccessary risks. please we have enough sad stories going around.

  3. Thanks for your feedback.
    From my personal observations, the readers here are generally more discerning than the general public.
    May I know which info / recommendations need more ethical editing? You are most welcome to refute them.
    You are also welcome to contribute articles. I’d be happy to consider posting them to the main page.

  4. I totally agree with adiemuso on those get rich quick schemes.

    I have a rich friend who sells a particular item that is considered exclusive compared to other similar items on ebay, which enables him to turn a healthy 5 figures income and the profit margin is 80%.

    The reason why it is exclusive is because he needs to personally go to some country to buy that items.

    No person in the right mind, including him, is going to tell anyone unrelated to him what is the item and where to buy it from and the profits for the past 4 years so that you can buy the same items from the same supplier and reduces his profits by half.

    This is like the famous Adwords which is first introduces by a person called Chirs Carpenter, he did not tell any lies when he started selling the ebook on make money online using Google Adwords and Clickbank. It is just that when every Tom, Dick and Harry do the same things, you are not going to make any substantial profits.

    It is the basic law of economics, just type any popular keywords on Google and look at the amount of competition there.

    Of course, the reason why Chirs Carpenter so called leaked out the secrets is because if he did not, someone who discovered it is going to do so and become a leading authority.

  5. Adam Khoo made $$$ from his motivational seminars, more so than his books.

    As an SME, he made $$$ from large corporations. I personally know friends who are staff of GLCs like ST who were sent by their companies to attend his talks. He charges $2000+ per person for the seminars/courses.

  6. I dun think many people know that Adam started his training company only after he earned his million at 26… He is 36 now. His company started in 2002.

    • Yes, however, did you know that he made his first million from giving motivational training at schools and companies (the most lucrative, earning him up to S$1000 an hour), his entertainment company and shrewd investments in equities, unit trusts and property.

      Source: “He made his first million at 26”, The New Paper, 27 September 2001

      His main income have always been motivational talks/seminars, even as an individual before starting out his company.
      Okay, let me ask you this question. If you were to list our your income, it would make sense that you would mention the most lucrative one first. But yet, he is giving the false impression that the seminars are his secondary income.

  7. Adam Khoo has co-authored books on trading stocks – covering technical analysis and short-term trading – he himself seems to be a medium to long-term value investor in blue chips and property.

    Who would want to spend their life watching stock tickers when it is far easier to make $2000 per hour giving motivational talks and using that high income to buy in heavily into good investment grade blue chips assets (during financial crisis like now ) for dividends income.

    Which is better? Sleep and grow rich collecting dividends and feel more passionate giving motivational talks or spend your life watching stock tickers and ended up losing all.

  8. Yes, Adam makes money in almost everywhere. I just find him really smart in working with business.

    He leverages on a young guy to do Internet marketing for him. He co-authored in many books with people who may be able to provide values to the world. He invests in real estates. And for himself, he focuses on teaching.

    No, I don’t know Adam at all and has no association with him. But he’s been paying enough money in the media to interrupt me for my attention. Bought a few of his books, and find his books really enriching. Good value out there!

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