Market crash in 2009: Clemen


Based on Clemen Chiang’s article in today’s Business Times, the global market is heading for a crash in 2009.

He made this claim after analysing US data for “birth peaks” and “spending cycles”.

However, Singapore is prepared to face the downturn, as we have the right investments in the right industries.

How should we invest then? After looking at the local population trends and infrastructure plans, Clemen recommends investing in real estate in the “sub-regional centres” and the “regional centres” during the “market crash”.

I take it to mean that we should buy property in or near central Singapore, at the right time.

Clemen Chiang is the CEO of Freely Business School. He apparently made his millions in options trading and is now conducting seminars and courses to train others.

I wonder why he did not recommend investing in options… (see this very informative discussion on Clemen Chiang’s options trading seminar. And this other thread in Wallstraits forum.)


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  1. The ‘analysis’ of his is nothing original. He had basically repeated the original analysis of Harry S. Dent, Jr. the author of ‘The Next Great Bubble Boom’ who predicted the peak spending power of the baby boomer generation through the analysis of demographics.

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  3. Even without his predictions, most of us knows that there will be a financial crisis that occurs every 10 years, though each occur for a different reasons.

    You just need to look back at past statistics, there is one major financial crisis happening every 10 years but strangely for a different reason each time.

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