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In addition to the already-paid-out Annual Variable Component (AVC) of half a month + $220 in July (see this), civil servants are set to get 2 more months of bonus at year end.

Yes, the year-end “civil servant bonus” is 2 months. So, including your regular salary, you can expect to receive a total of 3 months in your paycheck for December. That is, if you’re a civil servant.

As announced by the Public Service Division (PSD), all civil servants are to receive a year-end AVC of 1 month and a further Non-Pensionable Annual Allowance (NPAA) of 1 month.

The NPAA is known to many as the “13th month bonus”, and is technically similar to the Annual Wage Supplement (AWS) paid out in the private sector.

This means Civil Service employees are getting a total of 2.5 months + $220 in bonuses this year, counting both the mid-year and year-end payouts.

More good news. Come next year, 2008, civil servants with good performance will also get the new Growth Bonus of around 0.5 months in March. Exceptional performers can expect 0.8 months.

Just introduced only recently, the Growth Bonus is one way to make the Civil Service more attractive. It will be paid out in times of exceptional economic performance and is linked to the individual’s work performance.


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  1. The Growth Bonus: Is there a causal link between a civil servant offering public service and an economy doing exceptionally well? That’s the question that was explored in

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  5. hi,
    i’m 30yrs old this year. Australian Uni grad 6 years ago. Have been in the financial services/ planning since graduation.

    If i successfully can make a switch to a Stat Board, how much would be the expected salary?

    Pls advise.

    Thanks very much 🙂

  6. That (your post) is weird. The civil servant I know got 6 to 7 months’ bonus last year. But that’s the total bonus for the whole year, not just the year-end one.

  7. I’m working for MOE. As I’m over 62 yrs, I had to sign a yearly contract, after 30 Sep 2013. As my new contract kick-in on 1st Oct, there was no break in service. I worked for the whole of 2013, why am I not getting the full EOY bonus including my 13th month. The bonus that was given to me for the period Oct – Dec 2013. How about Jan-Sep 2013, As my birthday falls in Oct am I seeing that every year I won’t be getting the full bonus. This is very stressful. Please advise, Thanks

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