Key Insights into Asia Pacific’s Evolving Landscape


The Asia Pacific is considered an essential center for outsourcing services. The evolution and growth happened due to industrial expansion, technical improvements, and infrastructure advancement in the developing countries. Asia Pacific’s appeal to organizations looking for outsourcing solutions relies on factors like a talented workforce, cost-effectiveness, and a promising regulatory environment.

Overview of Asia Pacific BPO

According to the latest Asia Pacific News, the size of Asia Pacific’s BPO market was valued approximately 72 billion dollars in 2022. It may reach 185 billion dollars by 2032 elevating at a CAGR of 9%.

Businesses planning on outsourcing can delegate specific functions or services such as IT, payroll, legal services, and logistics depending on their exclusive requirements. Outsourcing has a plethora of benefits, starting from decreased labor costs to the removal of overheads associated with equipment and human resources.

Certain functions such as training and employment need substantial amount of effort and time. Consequently, many companies agree to outsource the human resources. For example, Accenture offers finance, accounting, and HR services.  The HR services include recruitment, workforce performance payroll, compensation, and other learning opportunities. These services are provided to clients such as General Motors, Microsoft, Goodyear, IBM, etc.

Major drivers of outsourcing to Asia Pacific region are as follows –

1. Focus on Cost Cutting, Time Savings, and Efficiency

Outsourcing is affordable and it enables businesses to streamline their workload and concentrate on the most significant tasks. Due to the rise of digitization, companies are eliminating the conventional ways of conducting business. They are trying out tech-based strategies. The price in countries such as India and Philippines dropped down by 60%.

Outsourcing helps companies become flexible with the staff, which saves them from the expense and hassle of appointing new employees. This also means companies do not need to handle with the recruitment and legal costs that come with direct hiring.

2. Appreciation for Cloud and its Effect on Automation

Businesses should try adapting to more well-coordinated and smart procedures that help employees, clients, partners, and suppliers to remain relevant and continue growing. The traditional way of operating and outsourcing are converting into intelligent workflows through artificial intelligence, automation, cloud computing, and Internet of Things (IoT).

Growth Trends in the Outsourcing Market of Asia Pacific

As per the Asia Pacific News, the business landscape of the Asia Pacific region is influenced to a great extent by global modifications and important changes in the consumer behaviour, labour force, and demands.

1. Outsourcing Business Will See the Appearance of Transformative Models

The Asia Pacific region is responsible for about 80% of assets and talents in the BPO market. It is expected to go through a major transformation.

The conventional approach of employing on a large scale in one location is no longer preferred. It is now considered better to establish small offices in many strategic locations and hire local talent.

Such transformation fosters escalated levels of management and supervision. Also, this particular business model makes the evaluation of IT skill deficiencies easy.

2. Shift to Customer Experience and Customer Service

Companies are turning to outsourcing to improve their overall customer experience. On the contrary, customer service implies efficient and advanced technical procedures that emphasize the importance and value of customers. In the Asia-Pacific region, outsourcing is valued for its superior knowledge management.

The expected development in this particular sector is the transition from voice to automated communications.

3. Skill Shortages to Ensure Asia Pacific Dominance

Asia Pacific has been dominating the IT sector since quite some time. The United Kingdom experienced a loss of around eight billion dollars due to incomplete technical job vacancies.  With the digital innovation landscape expanding at a faster pace, companies should try to maintain proper relevance in the competitive environments.

Due to the excessive demand for IT experts, it is presumed that the Asia Pacific region will continue leading business outsourcing in the future.

4. Enriched Skills is the New Norm

It is believed that more the number of skills, the better position you hold in a company.

Enriched knowledge is ideal for companies who deal with international operations. Foreign employment agencies are also interested in workers who are well-acquainted with the rapidly developing technology.

The biggest players in the Asia Pacific’s BPO market ensure mergers, acquisitions, product development, and new launches to reinforce their position. The sales team of different companies require detailed insights into hiring trends, outsourcing, structures, market landscape, location information, stakeholder traits, etc.



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