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Stock market dynamics operate as both a stimulation for foreign investment activity and an indicator of the state of the economy. Some stock markets significantly impact the fortunes of entire nations and the portfolios of investors throughout the globe within this complex ecosystem. There are 60 significant international stock exchanges, varying in size and volume of trade, including the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) and the New York Stock Exchange.

Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE)

The largest mainland stock market in China and the fifth largest worldwide, the Shanghai Stock Market (SSE), is a crucial gateway for international investors wanting to get exposure to China’s emerging markets as the Chinese economy grows more intertwined with the world economy.

There were 2,853 companies listed on it as of December 2023, having opened in late 1990. One major limitation is that China A shares are only accessible to Chinese nationals; on the other hand, Chinese companies’ H-shares are listed on the Hong Kong Exchange and are accessible to investors worldwide.

The SSE’s prominence among foreign investors has increased dramatically due to the inclusion of SSE-listed stocks, especially China A shares, in key global equity indexes, including the FTSE Russell Index and the MSCI Emerging Markets Index. Due to this inclusion, there has been a rise in international investment in equities listed on the SSE and a greater awareness of Chinese enterprises worldwide.

Unlike the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the Shanghai Stock Exchange is not open to all foreign investors. This is because the Chinese government strictly supervises the nation’s capital. Many of the enterprises listed on the market are still state-run.

The SSE’s shares include three of the world’s six most prominent companies, and the securities listed on the SSE fall into three categories: stocks, bonds, and funds. The SSE issues two types of stocks: A and B shares. China A-shares are priced in the local Renminbi yuan, whereas China B-shares are priced in US dollars.

The SSE obligates companies listed on the exchange to compile and release periodic reports within the duration periods given by laws, administrative rules, and other relevant regulations.

New York Stock Exchange

NYSE stands as the world’s largest and most trusted stock exchange, the top ETF exchange, and the most deterministic trading platform, which trades more than 80% of the businesses in the S&P 500 index.

The NYSE comprises several of the oldest publicly listed companies because of its early origins as the primary U.S. stock exchange. The New York Gas Light Company was merged into Consolidated Edison (ED) in 1824, making it the stock with the longest listing history on the NYSE. In addition to American equities, international firms that meet specific listing requirements may list their shares on the NYSE.

A company must have 400 shareholders or more and 1.1 million outstanding shares to be listed on the NYSE. The market value of its publicly traded shares should be at least US$ 40 million, or US$ 100 million for transfers and specific other listings, and its share price must be at least US$ 4.00.

The company must also be profitable, drawing in at least US$ 10 million in revenue in the previous three years. Alternatively, a business can continue to have a minimum US$ 200 million worldwide market capitalization. REITs need US$ 60 million in shareholder stock.


Stock markets exist in almost every part of the world, allowing businesses to sell their shares and raise money for a range of uses, including operations maintenance and expansion. Consequently, investors have the option to buy these companies’ shares in the hopes of profiting from the rise in share prices.



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