TOP 5 Countries for Immigration Through Investment


Homeland is the place of birth, but nothing forbids a person to move. The authorities of many countries have concluded that it makes sense to open borders for people of different nationality and provide them with an easy path to citizenship. It happened back in 1984 when one of the islands came up with a program of immigration through investment. This approach significantly reduced the time to obtain a second passport. The need for naturalization and learning the local dialect disappeared. We have chosen five favorable options with transparent conditions. The whole process of submitting documents takes no more than a month and consideration – up to 6. A person receives a “pass” to a new life by investing financially in the local economy.

Citizenship by Investment Programs Explanation

Today, many European powers have taken the example of St. Kitts, but their conditions are not very encouraging, to put it mildly. For example, Malta tightened requirements after the pandemic, and Cyprus banned the program. In contrast, Turkey has improved opportunities for cosmopolitans by providing a list of properties at minimal cost.

The Vanuatu citizenship program has completely replaced the need for permanent residence in the country for 7-10 years. Another favorable option has long been available to wealthy people. After receiving citizenship, everyone can cross the borders of Schengen countries, America, and China without visas and stay there for a long time. At the same time, it is possible to return whenever you want.


Drawing up documents to obtain Vanuatu citizenship is now the fastest way to move as a family (one month). The main requirements are to pay an investment of 130 thousand dollars and a lawyer’s fee.

In return, the government gives the foreigner rights and other perks:

  • security and absence of terrorist groups;
  • tax exemption on international income;
  • the state is an offshore center; many taxes are absent;
  • scenic nature, colorful population, and friendly citizens.

In addition, the government allows travel within the U.S. as part of work processes and trips to more than 95 countries.


Why does this particular territory gain your attention? The government is active against terrorism and is looking for new approaches to improve the economy. By obtaining a passport for money, you will ensure a safe life. Dominica citizenship by investment is your backup plan in case of force majeure.

According to Vladlena Baranova, a specialist of the Immigrant Invest company, investors have several ways to replenish the state treasury: through a one-time contribution of more than 100 thousand dollars, purchase of real estate worth more than 200 cu. u. e., or through a single payment of more than 100 thousand dollars. You must wait only 3-5 months to complete the review procedure.


The homeland of sweets is famous for its climate. If you want to settle in a country with a high level of comfort quickly, the best way is to invest in the economy or real estate (from 250 to 400 thousand dollars) and become a law-abiding citizen. If you buy real estate, you only have to own it for three years. It is a top favorable condition. You can quickly get a passport in 3 months. However, with this document in the EU, you cannot travel without permission, which is a disadvantage of Turkish citizenship.

St Kitts and Nevis

As mentioned, it is the first state to apply for an immigration program for money. This island is an excellent place for vacation and fruitful work, especially attractive for freelancers. Under the terms, you must contribute about 150 thousand dollars to the SIDF for one applicant, not counting additional costs. As for real estate, the amount of 200 thousand dollars will be paid off with the lowest costs.

Antigua & Barbuda

It is possible to obtain a personal document in 3 months if the application is approved and you do not have health and legal problems. The program is characterized by low cost and a variety of deposits. For example, a foreigner can buy real estate and get a second passport or make a one-time contribution to the country’s fund. You need a deposit of more than 100 thousand dollars to take advantage of this offer, which makes the program one of the cheapest investment activities on the planet.


So, the second passport offers many advantages, including a clean environment and a high standard of living. If you choose one of the popular citizenship programs, you will probably forget about unemployment and unsatisfactory conditions of service in local clinics. Make your choice according to your possibilities and prospects.



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