A Professional Cleaner Types of Service: Perfect Solution for All Your Cleaning Needs in Singapore


In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have become increasingly mindful of cleaning and disinfection to prevent germs and viruses. Though the pandemic is safe to say is long gone now, the importance of keeping our cleanliness should still be a top priority that is ingrained in our minds. Maintaining cleanliness is becoming even more crucial especially for home or working spaces, as these two are the ultimate main places that people often spend their time at. 

However, some individuals may find themselves too busy to handle any cleaning chores. Or simply, they are too tired to do household chores, and thus not inclined to do so. This shift in perspective has led to the flourishing of cleaning services as a business, especially in Singapore. It is very easy to find cleaning services that can offer you a variety of cleaning services.

There are several reasons why there are many cleaning service businesses in Singapore, but here are the ultimate 3 reasons why:

  • Highly on Demand

Singapore might be smaller compared to our neighboring country, but it is a densely populated and urbanized country with many residential and commercial properties. This is what drives the demands of regular cleaning and maintenance.

  • Singaporeans Busy Lifestyles

Singaporeans often lead busy lives with demanding jobs and long working hours. This might leave little time for us to do any household cleaning chores. This is why many Singaporeans are turning to cleaning services to help maintain a clean house.

  • Tourism

With the thriving Singapore tourism industry, it comes with demands for higher standards of cleanliness in hotels, public spaces, and any other establishment in the city. This leads to a greater need for professional cleaning services.

These ultimate reasons have created a robust market for cleaning services in Singapore, making it a thriving business prospect. 

4 Common Types of Professional Cleaning Services in Singapore

Professional cleaning services have proven to be valuable, whether for personal or commercial purposes. Homeowners can have more free time rather than spending their time off cleaning, and commercial businesses can also have the assurance that their business area can be a safe environment for their customers and staff. 

But it is also important to note that various types of cleaning services are offered by companies. Therefore, before deciding to hire a cleaning service, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the different types that you can find and choose the one that suits your needs!

1. Household Cleaning

This service is one of the most common ones and is solely designed for people’s private homes or apartments. As mentioned before, busy schedules often leave people with very little time to clean their homes. Thus, to ensure their house stays clean even when they are not in the mood to clean it by themself, they decide to hire a home cleaning service to help maintain it.

2. Commercial Cleaning

As the name implies, commercial cleaning services are tailored solely for commercial properties such as office areas, hotels, restaurants, and more. In Singapore, commercial cleaning also stands out as one of the most in-demand cleaning services. 

After all, cleaning large areas can be incredibly challenging. Thus as a result many companies opt to hire external service with large teams capable of efficiently and swiftly completing the job. Some cleaning services might even offer after-hours cleaning to ensure that the cleaning process won’t disrupt employees’ focus during daily operations. 

If you are currently looking for the best commercial cleaning company in Singapore, you can check out https://www.luce.sg/services/office-cleaning and learn more about the importance of their service.

3. Customized Cleaning

Customized cleaning services mean that the cleaning will be tailored to the specific needs of the client. They will focus on particular requests, and usually, the cleaning team will need to have specialized skills to handle specific items. Customized cleaning can include deep cleaning for carpets, sofas, and even ceramics.

4. Sanitizing and Disinfecting Service

After COVID-19, this cleaning type has become one of the most common types of cleaning services that can do wonders to ensure our health. Sanitization and disinfection service aims to clean and sanitize a particular area to ensure that it is free of viruses or germs. This particular cleaning service can help to prevent the spread of disease.

Here are some of the main types of professional cleaning services available in Singapore. You can choose the cleaner type based on your needs and preferences to help make your life easier!



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