6 Tips for Finding the Right College Tutor for Your Child


It’s not unusual for students in Singapore to require the services of a tutor in their college years. In this phase of their educational journey, students often find themselves faced with demanding coursework, difficult topics and consequential exams. A tutor can assist college students in grasping complex concepts, reinforce their understanding of course materials and help them prepare for their upcoming exams. At the same time, college tutors can help students improve their research and writing abilities, study habits and time management. College is a good time for a student to master these skills, and the right tutor can make this process easier for everyone. 

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How are you going to find the right tutor for your college student in Singapore? Here are a few tips to hasten your search.

Decide on the Topic That Your College Student Must Learn or Focus on

The first step in finding the right college tutor for your child is to understand what it is that your child really needs. What topic or skill does your child need additional help with? Does your child require the best economics tutor Singapore has to offer or just someone who’s familiar enough with economics to serve as a sounding board for their ideas? Does your child need someone who can help them go over particular topics in physics or a keen communicator who can offer insights on how to write a compelling research paper? Knowing the exact nature of the assistance that your child needs will help you find the right person for the job.

Identify the Goal That the Student Must Meet with the Assistance of the Tutor

After identifying what it is that your child needs, the next step is to determine what they hope to accomplish with the assistance of a tutor. What should the tutor strive to achieve when working with your child? Also, what does your child want? Maybe your child is aiming to improve their test scores, get higher marks for their research projects, or learn how to manage their time better to reduce their stress levels. Also, is there a set of criteria that can help the tutor and your child determine if they’ve reached the goal? If it’s possible to quantify your child’s academic targets with the help of a tutor, do so. This can help prospective tutors determine if they’re up to the challenge or not. 

Use Campus Resources to Find the Right Candidates for the Job

Plenty of college students have sought the assistance of tutors in the past, and plenty more will need it in the future. Some colleges and universities have put together a directory of the tutors–including their credentials and contact details–that their students have worked with before. Consulting this directory will help your child connect with professionals that other students have already vetted. It’s a good idea to check if your child’s college has such a resource and begin your search from there. 

Ask Other Parents, Students, or Educators for Recommendations

It’s also an option to ask the people you know for their recommendations. Perhaps you have a friend, family member or colleague who has experienced challenges in the same subject that your child is now having difficulties with. It’s not a bad idea to ask them how they were able to access academic assistance. Perhaps they have a tutor or tutoring centre that they can recommend. In case they’re willing to share the details, you can ask what they liked about the tutoring experience. Maybe what they found to be beneficial for them is also something that you’re actively looking for in a tutor for a college student. 

Check Out If Online Tutoring Platforms Can Present a Good Candidate

An online tutoring platform is also a good place to start, especially if you can’t find adequate resources from your child’s college or your personal and professional contacts. In case your child wants to review chemistry lessons at the end of every class, for example, then an online tutor can fit their schedule. Since your child and their tutor don’t have to meet in person, they can maximise their downtime while ensuring that they have a good grasp of their study materials. 

See If Professional Tutoring Centres Can Offer Assistance to Your Child

There are students who prefer to meet with their tutors and learn in a classroom setting, however. If your child can benefit more from face-to-face college-level tutorials, check out professional tutoring centres that offer this particular service. If there’s one that’s near your child’s college, their on-campus housing or your home, then these can be convenient places to hold tutorials at the end of every day or several times a week. 

Finding the right tutoring service for a college student in Singapore can be a challenge, but there are plenty of online and offline references that you can use to make this task easier. With a little effort, you’ll be able to find the assistance of tutors who can help your child slowly but surely meet their academic goals.



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