Lucrative Side Hustles That You Can Start With Zero Experience


Do you want to make a good amount of money through side hustles? Anyone would want that, right? Especially if the side hustle does not require much work or previous experience and makes you a regular passive income.

You make passive income through a job that requires little to no active work. If you have set it up once, it will keep making you money regularly, with low maintenance.

This article contains some of the best options for side hustles to help you start making passive income.


There is nothing weird about an OnlyFans account like some people think. It is like any other social media page, where you share your content, and people follow you if they like their work.

Anyone can start this work if they know how to use the internet. You can start by making a free OnlyFans account and start posting content. Best free OnlyFans accounts will let you post whatever you like, from travel blogs to pictures, videos, and even your favorite recipes.

It is a lucrative job because you can make thousands of dollars per year with the paid content you post on this account. Some of the most popular accounts make up to $100,000 per post.

You have the liberty to choose the content you share and the charges you want for every post. This side hustle requires no investment or experience.

Rent an Extra Room

Do you have a spare room in your house, storage space, or even a single bed? If you do, then it can become a very lucrative side hustle. Young people, especially students, always look for shared accommodations and rental places.

You can advertise your free space on Craigslist, Oodle, Zillow, and many more. It is even better if you live near a university, it will increase your chances of getting a tenant. In addition, you can make up to $500 by renting a room.

The same is the case with storage space. Due to small attics and no storage spaces in their house, people buy extra rooms for storage. If you have a place like this at your house, you can rent it and earn up to $300 per month, depending on the size of this space.

Storeatmyhouse is a great website that will connect you with people who want to rent extra storage space.

Dog Walking

You cannot find a job more fun than this one. Who wouldn’t like to spend some quality time with their neighbor’s dog and make money? It is a win-win situation. You can talk to people around your block and get this job easily.

With time-consuming work schedules, many people are too busy to take their dogs outside for a walk and want someone to do this job for them. This is where the demand for this job comes from. You can do this work on the weekends or after your regular jobs in the evening.

It will be an excellent opportunity to get some exercise yourself while walking the dog. The money is good too. You can make up to $10 to $15 per walk. It is not a bad deal considering the job is not difficult at all.

You can also post this as a work gig on the internet and advertise to people in your area that you are available to walk their dog. Again, this will expand the number of your customers.


Share Photos Online

We all have camera phones. So why not use them to make some money on the side?

Almost everyone these days has a smartphone with a great camera. Even with an average-quality camera, you can take breath-taking pictures if you have a knack for capturing beauty.

You can share your pictures on YouTube or online blogs.  And by using Google ads, you can make a good amount of money through your hobby.

Make a social media page like Instagram and share the journey of making these pictures. Put your blog link under photos to attract more traffic to your page. People are always interested in knowing the story behind the process and will visit your blog.

The more people come to your blog site and click on ads, the more you will make money. And you don’t have to actively do anything besides taking pictures and adding them to your web pages.


The Bottom Line

It is good to work while you can. Even if you have a full-time job, it is great to have a backup and passive source of income.

The benefit of having a passive income source is that you don’t work actively on it, you can save this extra money, and you will be able to retire early with good savings from all your side hustles and primary job.



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