Ranking of JCs by A Level Results (Class of 2020, received in 2021)


[Edit: The latest version of the ranking has been published. See the 2022 JC Ranking.]

The following is the ranking of the Junior College Class of 2020. The 2020 batch of A Level students took their final exams at the end of 2020, and their results have just been released on 19th Feb 2021.

Ranking of JCs by A Level Results released on 19th Feb 2021

  1. Hwa Chong Institution (Mean: 85, 25% scored 90 RP)
  2. Raffles Institution (Mean: 84.5, 28% scored 90 RP) / Nanyang Junior College (Median: 86, Mean: estimated to be around 83-85 range)
  3. Victoria Junior College (Median: 85, Mean: 82-83, 15% scored 90 RP)
  4. Eunoia Junior College (Median: 85, 13% scored 90 RP)
  5. Dunman High School (Mean: 80.4, Median: 83, 40% scored 85 or above, 11% scored 90 RP) / Temasek Junior College (Mean: 81, 40% scored 85 or above) / National Junior College (Median: 83, 40% scored 85 or above)
  6. Anglo-Chinese Junior College (Mean: 79.9) / River Valley High School (Mean: estimated to be around 77-79, Median: 81, 4.4% scored 90 RP, 31.3% scored 85 or above)
  7. Anderson-Serangoon Junior College (Mean: 75, 33.8% scored 80 or above, around 10 students who scored 90 RP)
  8. Tampines-Meridian Junior College (Mean: 73.25, 9 students scored 90 RP, 27.8% scored 80 or above)
  9. Yishun-Innova Junior College (Mean: 68.6, ~40 students scored 80 and above, 13 students scored 85 or above, 0% scored 90 RP)
  10. Catholic Junior College (Mean/Median: estimated to be mid to high 60s, 3.7% (26) scored 85 or above, 13.8% (98) scored 80 or above)
  11. Millenia Institute (Median: 67.5, 3 students scored 90 RP (hearsay))

St Andrew’s Junior College and Jurong-Pioneer Junior College – insufficient info to rank them.

Source: r/SGExams

Photo: Flickr


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