3 Practical Steps to Study Long Hours Without Getting Tired


Studying while surrounded by so many other responsibilities and easily distracting things can be a tough nut to crack. Unfortunately, we all know that studying hard has its own benefits especially when it comes to success in the days ahead.

Whether you’re in college, high school or university, putting in a few hours and extending yourself a little bit can be helpful. It’ll also be good to look for enjoyable learning environment and study in a group where you get support.

A tuition agency could also help make your learning easy and improve your understanding of different topics.

However, it is good to balance and make sure you are enjoying adequate rest and refreshing hours of sleep. If you have been facing bouts of distractions, fatigue or lack of motivation and would like to overcome these and focus a little bit more, there are some practical steps that you could follow in order to study for long hours without getting tired or easily distracted.

To help you achieve success, we discuss 3 practical steps you can put in practice starting immediately. These include the following: –

Work with a prioritized schedule

While all your subjects might be important, their difficulty might not be equal. As such, it’s good to start with the toughest topics during the early hours of the day or when your mind is fresher.

Many people are normally fresh in the forenoon and that’s the best time to tackle those difficult subjects or topics.

This kind of scheduling helps match the difficulty with the energy you feel. The easier topics can be tackled later in the day.

You’ll realize that your mental and physical energy somehow dissipates as the hours advance and that is when it’s best to tackle easier and enjoyable topics. To reduce distractions, schedule your non-academic, low-effort activities late in the day or when you need to take a break.

Make it a habit to do difficult papers beforehand, such as a TOK essay or an extended essay. Such papers can take time, effort, and knowledge, so to write these types of essays without any problems, you should start writing them in advance, not on the last day before handing them in. For those students who need expert help, there is an IB TOK essay writing service that can help you properly plan all the steps of writing an essay and write the paper efficiently, with quality, and most importantly, without getting tired.

Avoid multitasking

Multitasking can take a huge toll on you. For starters, it steals your ability to pay attention on one thing for long while at the same time affective your memory capacity.

While multitaskers may seem like super heroes, the truth of the matter is that it takes a toll on them and their concentration level is scattered which eventually results in fatigue.

If you’d want to study for long hours without getting tired, try to avoid other distractions that are likely to demand your attention. Reserve study time purely for your studies and do other things during a break.

Exercise regularly

I’m sure you’ve heard of the proverb that says “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”. Well, this is very true and you can relate it with studying as well.

You should take time to exercise regularly and especially in activities that you love. Things such as swimming, jogging, playing football and the like can help promote your brain help and this is very important for your concentration and memory capacity.

Exercising has been attributed to the stimulation of Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor, a chemical that helps with learning and memory. Always take time to exercise in the course of the week.


In addition to these, you should also eat energy giving foods, get quality sleep at night, take naps when necessary and take breaks regularly. You could also listen to soft music, take caffeine once in a while and make your study room sleep repellent.  Always look to see what works for you and put it to work.



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