How not to get carried away on shopping festivals: Top 4 savvy spender tips


It’s a little bit over a month to one of the biggest shopping events in Singapore – The Great Singapore Sale. It starts on the 9th of June and the savviest shoppers are already checking the list of participating stores and are planning their strategy for the discounted shopping. Are you one of them? If this is your first time taking advantage of the biggest sale event in the country, or if you have found yourself paying high bills, this is the article for you.

People in Singapore love to spend their money on good quality products. We value the detailed finishing, the quality of materials and fabrics used and we appreciate a good deal. This is probably the reason why so many stores offering their products participate in the event. But getting a good deal can be tricky as well and if you are not cautious enough, you might end up in the red afterward. We have asked the team behind Picodi, experts in savings and online shopping, to share some tips on how not to get carried away with your GSS spending.

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Plan ahead

A few weeks before the event, take everything out of your wardrobe and see which clothes are still in good shape, which can be donated to charities, which can be given to other people in need and which can be recycled. This will give you a clear indication of what you actually need and will make it much easier to shop for a specific product. The same goes for your kitchen appliances, furnishings, and all the other items available on sale. If you can, try to sell the things you no longer need – you’ll have more funds for your spending and you’ll know your objects did not go to waste.

Check the list

Finding out which stores participate in the Great Singapore Sale is crucial for your understanding of where to go and what to buy. You know your financial situation best so you can estimate whether you can reach for the high-end brands or stick to the high-street lane. If you really want to have a luxurious product and you cannot afford it at any other time of year, go for timeless classics. For women, having proper Louboutin high heels is probably a more practical solution than floral trainers and a man can choose an elegant watch which is both practical and stunning at the same time.

Use CCs in the right way

If you have a credit card, or more than one, use it in a smart way. Check which discounts you get with each of them and shop with these stores if you can. This way you will save on discounted products and you will get a better deal too. The same goes for your restaurant trips, coffee shop lunches, and travel bargains. Remember to pay them off as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will end up having a huge debt which exceeds your savings.

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Stock up for Christmas

Yes, Christmas is a long way ahead and there is something called Black Friday in the meantime, but you can now purchase seasonal products which cannot be found in stores in November. Take advantage of that and shop for Christmas gifts in the summer. You are guaranteed you will save both time and money later on and your loved ones will not expect anything. The only downside here is keeping secret for the next six months.

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Sales are great and everybody loves a good bargain. However it’s extremely easy to get into a point where we are surrounded by objects we don’t really need or use and have no money in bank accounts. Strategic planning can come handy in shopping for luxury goods which you wouldn’t normally buy.


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