Does Your Passion Pay the Bills?


They say that ignoring your passion is slow suicide. But what if you’re passionate about something but can’t earn a living from it?

It’s one thing to be really zealous about something and persistent in making your dreams a reality. But it’s another thing to completely ignore the fact about how the world works. This might be a cruel reality to some, while others will perceive it as slightly less dramatic, but you have to really find the balance between doing something you’re excited about and inspired by, and yet it pays the the bills. Both are on the scale, and have to be in balance.

Now, there are those lucky people who simply fall into the lifestyle of their dreams without having to struggle through the phases of self-discovery, sustainability and the usual ups and downs in a career or education. But for most people, this isn’t the reality. So how do you go about balancing your sustainability and making your dreams come true?

1. Invest 100% in Your Passion

Although your passion may not turn out to be your primary source of income, failing or giving up isn’t an option if you haven’t invested into your passion. Before you give up the idea that your passion can pay the bills, do everything that’s in your power to make that passion come true. Sharpen your skills, gain more knowledge, constantly work on yourself, devise a plan and strategy, connect with the right people, explore the market and get acquainted with the business. If it doesn’t work for you, the best takeaway is knowing you once gave your best, but you were just not cut out for it.

2. Get Active

Spend more time pursuing your passion, and not just living to get by. Invest in your future. Hustle! Now you must be thinking, it’s easy to say it but living like it is a completely different thing. Which is true. It’s different. It’s tough. The world is sometimes cruel and most often doesn’t care about your dreams. It’s important stay active on all fields if you really want to develop something that might be able to become your future source of income.

3. Always Stay Financially Secure

When do you know it’s time to switch our daily job with your passion? For example, you’re passionate about opening a flower delivery ecommerce business, but you’re not really sure that it’s going to sustain you right from the start. When do you go for it?

Probably when you’re financially secure and your passion actually produces a lucrative income. But, until you get to that point, always stay financially secure, never invest too much or neglect your daily job for it all. It’s lovely to hear people who have quit their 9 to 5 job and had their dreams come true, but if you have bills to pay, a home and a family, you should always think of your finances before investing in your passion.

It mind sound cruel, but if your dream job isn’t doing well on the market, and you simply can’t create enough to sustain yourself, how will you live?

4. Be Responsible

In the end, everyone has bills to pay and plenty of responsibility towards their life and the lives of family members. First of all, you have to ask yourself, will my passion pay the bill? Are people going to buy from me? If the answer is negative, then be responsible towards your life and keep on doing what you’re doing. Sometimes, people don’t pursue their passion, but it doesn’t mean that they end up living a miserable life.

You can work on your passion on the side as a hobby, and if it gives you riches and glory, good for you. But if it doesn’t, you’ll still have an income that will enable you to live a normal life.

The question is, are you still willing to pursue your passion, even if it doesn’t result in a paycheck begin if to sustain you?

Are you going to do it on the side?

Do you want to risk it all to make it your job?

There are factors outside of your control, but there are also others that are in your control. And they say, You Only Live Once!


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