The Only Bus App That You Need – Saves You Time=Money


Every minute counts. Time is money. So if you can better plan your bus rides and save some time, you save money!

SG BusLeh is the only bus app that you need in your mobile phone. Available for both the Android and iOS platforms, this wonderful app helps you better plan your bus journey.

Download it today and start saving time (which equals money)!

Install SG BusLeh for iPhone

Install SG BusLeh for Android

Top Features:

1. Shows up to 3 bus timings instead of 2!
Now you can plan your journey in SG before even leaving your home!

2. Got seat? No seat? You will know at a glance!
Colour coded bars shows you how empty or full each SG bus is.

3. Loads the timing for a whole bus stop at once!
You no longer need to press one by one for the timing of each bus.

4. No need to search or navigate!
The app automatically shows you nearby bus-stops at launch!

5. Don’t waste time on a bus app!
This app is optimized for speed. We have crafted a mechanism to store the latest timing from LTA on our high-speed servers so there’s no lag, even if LTA is lagging.

Support Local Startup!

SG BusLeh is created by a young Singapore startup. They are all passionate app programmers who would like to make your life a little better. Support them!


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