94% of local workforce makes less than $12k a month


We discovered this interesting statistical figure made public in 2013 while looking into the recent MOM announcements on enhancing support for Singaporean professionals, managers and executives (PMEs).

But first, a little bit on the enhanced support for PMEs, which was announced just recently.

The Fair Consideration Framework (FCF) will be enhanced to strengthen the “Singaporean core of PMEs”.

The framework now requires firms to publish the salary range of the job vacancy in the Jobs Bank. In addition, MOM will scrutinize EP applications for firms which have “a weaker Singaporean core of PMEs” compared to other firms in the same industry.

MOM will also reject work pass applications which contain “doubtful qualifications”, e.g. those from degree mills.

Ok, that’s about all for the enhancements. For details, please refer to this MOM press release.

While we were googling about the FCF enhancement, we came across this interesting FAQ from MOM, published 2 years ago. In the FAQ, there’s a question asking why firms aren’t required to advertise jobs that pay a salary of $12k+ in the Jobs Bank. The answer given was:

Jobs paying less than $12,000 a month cover about 94% of the local workforce, hence most jobs would be covered by the advertising requirement. Many employers typically recruit for positions paying $12,000 and above using executive search firms, rather than through open advertisements. We expect employers to instruct their headhunters to source for candidates on merit, including Singaporean candidates. If complaints are received that a firm may have nationality-based unfair hiring practices, they may be subjected to additional scrutiny and have their work pass privileges curtailed.”

So there, 94% of our local workforce makes less than S$12k a month.

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