5 simple lifestyle changes that can save you $10,000 in a year


$10,000 might sound like a lot of money but with some simple lifestyle tweaks, you might just find yourself with 10 grand of excess cash in the bank.

Here’s how:

  1. Bring your own lunch

Especially if you’re working in the CBD, the typical lunch is about $6 and can go up to $15 for a salad. Pick up your own greens and toss together your own gourmet salad for only $3 a serving.

Annual savings: ~ $4380

  1. Skip the Starbucks.

The average Starbucks sets you back by $5. With one cuppa a day, that works out to $1825 a year.

Opt for the coffeeshop kopi instead and you will end up saving $4 a day or $1460. Or better still, drink the free coffee available in your office pantry.

Annual savings: ~ $1825

  1. Try House Brands

Most supermarkets have their own house brands for nearly every product from food to detergent and simply by replacing them with house brands, you can easily cut $50 from the weekly grocery bill. (Without compromising on standards most of the time – for example, did you know that NTUC Fairprice’s white bread is exactly the same as Sunshine’s?)

Annual savings: ~ $2600

  1. Switch to Cheaper / Free Hobbies

Do you really need that gym membership to run on a treadmill when a run around your neighbourhood will cost you erm, nothing?

Annual savings: ~ $2000

  1. Invest in long-term happiness

Saving up shouldn’t mean having to make tortuous sacrifices. Allow yourself small rewards such as a new dress when you have successfully saved $5,000 in 6 months and spend responsibly on things that have longer-term purposes, such as that new laptop for work.

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