Air Stewardess Salary


Air stewardesses make an average of S$3,500 to S$6,000 per month. This is based on info posted in a blog post we came across and specifically for Singapore Airlines.

Also known as “flight attendants”, “flight hostesses” and “cabin crew”, these ladies attending to your needs in the sky also enjoy a host of allowances, including overnight allowance, turnaround allowance, laundry allowance and long haul flight allowance.

Degree holders earn a little more than non-degree holders.

Requirements for Singapore Airlines:
* Singapore Citizens and Malaysian
* Minimum age of 18 years old
* Females who are at least 1.58m; males who are at least 1.65m in height
* Degree/ Diploma OR
* At least 2 principal level passes and 2 subsidiary passes in STPM/GCE ‘A’ level or its equivalent OR
* At least 5 credits in SPM/GCE ‘O’ level and relevant working experience
* For Malaysian qualifications at SPM level, at least 5 credits including a minimum grade of B4 in English and working experience is required.

The pay may seem attractive, but the interview process can be quite daunting. For details, check out the blog post mentioned above.



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