What’s My Pay Increment


You ask, “What’s my pay increment for 2010?” Mercer says you can expect 3.2% pay rise next year.

The HR consultancy based its projection on a recent survey of 262 companies across 11 industries.

Mercer predicts that pharmaceutical companies will give out the highest increments at 4.1%. In comparison, banking and finance employees will only get 3.1% increment.

The following are Mercer’s projected figures:

  • Pharmaceutical: 4.1%
  • High-tech: 3.3%
  • Aerospace: 3.2%
  • Consumer goods: 3.1%
  • Banking and finance: 3.1%
  • Chemical: 2.9%
  • Property: 2.6%

Mercer notwithstanding, how much increment do you expect to get in the coming year?


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  1. PE (poor engineer) on

    my company freezed all increment since early 2009 when the market was at the lowest, until now still not lifting it. so i didn’t get any increment from last year till now. however, i got my bonus and 13th month at the end of last year. i feel grateful that i still have a job that pays me on time every month and bonus at the end of the year.

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