Students – Have you thought about your future career?


If you’re still a student and contemplating about your future career, listen up.

Many working adults regret not making the right decision when choosing subjects or courses of study. What’s worse is that in the past, teachers didn’t teach students how to choose a career. They themselves were probably none the wiser. I’m not too sure about teachers today.

If you do not want to regret later in life, you gotta think carefully about what you want to achieve now.

We all work for a living. Unless you’re born with a silver spoon, you will be working for others, and be at the beck and call of your bosses. There are some who claim they “enjoy” what they do. Yet there are many others who do not derive much satisfaction.

So all things equal, you will want a job that pays well.

So which jobs pay well? Empirical evidence has time and again tell us that the “brainy” jobs do not pay well. Talented engineers are almost always better off had they chosen another career. This may not apply to countries like USA, but this is certainly true in general in Singapore.

You want concrete evidence? Consider the 6 professions that ministerial salaries are benchmarked against. The highest paid engineers are a far cry from the highest paid lawyers, accountants, MNC executives, bankers, and local manufacturing managers.

Ask around. Even insurance and real estate agents make a better living than many engineers.

If you’re good with numbers and score well in Maths and Science subjects, don’t be too arrogant yet. Chances are you will lose out in the long run in terms of income and even job satisfaction if you choose the most straightforward careers. Your future boss might be that sleepy guy sitting next to you who always fails his Maths tests.

So what to do? If you’re smart, aim to be an investment banker. Take up Economics in university. If you’re very smart, consider doing Computer Science or Math as a major, and Economics as a minor. Learn about finance, econometrics, and statistics (but don’t be a nerd and become an engineer later). Top the class and chances are you’ll land an investment banking job.

If you’re not too smart (well, you know yourself), aim to get into sales. IT sales, real estate sales, oil trading, you name it. Work hard, do well, and you’ll be financially rewarded.


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  2. It sounds boring, Investment banking. I used to think law would be a good choice for me as I would never survive the mental torture of being a doctor. And director/managing positions seems too long to climb. what do you think.

  3. however, i disagree with “Your future boss might be that sleepy guy sitting next to you who always fails his Maths tests.” this. I believe that future “leaders” must be both “street” and “book” smart. In the past, it would be enough to be “street” smart to eventually own your big company. Now the competition is so crazy, we are taken to a whole new level where you have to be an all-rounder. quick wit, good intellect, brainy & hardworking and the ability to work people.

  4. bree, the sleepy guy may be uninterested in classroom stuff – doesn’t mean he’s not smart at all. further, you don’t have to be an all-rounder to make lots of money. luck plays a part too.

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  6. to work as investment banker, can i study financial engineering? or finance? or what else courses can i study? which 1 better?

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